Are you feeling lonely lately—mainly because your website or blog just isn’t getting much traffic? Does the guy down the street have more Facebook likes or Facebook friends than your illustrious company? Then it’s time to discuss some solutions. The easy way out is to hire a marketing firm that boost your Facebook likeability. It’s a great solution sure, but it will cost you. If you’re trying to save money then consider investing in time. Start your own organized campaign to increase Facebook followers. So let’s consider 13 great tools to start you off…


1. EdgeRank
EdgeRank refers to the unique Facebook algorithm, which determines the most important content to Facebook users. The algorithm is based on affinity, weight and time. Your content is scored and highlighted based on factors such as how often fans engage with your brand, how often they visit your page, and other means of popularity, and how often you update. EdgeRank Checker is an online tool that helps you check your Facebook exposure.

2. Open Graph
Open Graph, and the Spotify feature, is one of the most interesting Facebook tools, as this allows an action to become a branding experiment. For instance, you can listen to a song, your favorite singer or album let’s say, and then your friends can eavesdrop on your activity and then show support by liking it. You’re merely enjoying yourself but are putting branding tools to use.

3. Promoted Posts
This Facebook sponsored tool helps businesses reach more of their friends and fans by sponsored activity. This feature is the “always on” solution that allows you to reach and engage most of your fans with the best content on your page. You can win never fans by promoting your posts to fans or friends of friends, or going broader and offering paid advertising at a slightly higher rate.

4. Social Page Builder
This tool helps you with layout templates and special features to customize your business needs. You can use template designs to build an attractive page tab, without any coding or programming language necessary. You can choose between a wide variety of templates.

5. PageModo
This is another Facebook builder tool that has an easy interface and lets you make photo changes (cropping, shrinking, enlarging) and so on. You can design everything from a tab to mini-captions to more advanced coupon text.

6. RSS Graffiti
This app allows you provide news to your Facebook fan base and streamline your best feeds. Facebook fans can now single click or tap on one of the article excerpts and they can see the full version.

7. Post Planner
This app allows you to schedule photos and videos at your chosen time intervals, keeping your content regular and time sensitive. You can also customize the app name and direct viewers to your official website.

8. Scribd for Pages
ScribD is one of the most well-known sites for sharing content, and with this app you can share documents in any standard format (as well as pictures). You don’t have to leave the Facebook site at all!

9. Contact Me
This special form gives your fans a contact page on Facebook and lets you customize it to include the most important information. You can customize fields and use an autoresponder or text notification tool to better keep track of new leads.

10. Networks Blogs
You may see this on Facebook quite a bit from long-time bloggers. What it does is share your insights with your Facebook following. You can customize the app tap on your own Facebook home page with your blog name and then share all of your posts with your Facebook fans. It makes blogging and social networking very convenient rather than a pain, to share it manually from multiple sites.

11. Ecwid
This is one of the most exciting Facebook features. You no longer have to tell users where to go—once you garner interest you can showcase and sell your products directly on your Facebook page. This tool lets you use PayPal, Google Checkout, and other sites/apps to make purchases without leaving the fan page.

12. YouTube for Pages
YouTube for Pages lets you integrate your latest YouTube video into your Facebook page so that everyone can see all of your related videos at once without having to leave the site.

13. Fan of the Week
Why not show some appreciation for your growing following by shining the spotlight on them? With this app you can let one fan a week know you appreciate their business and highlight their own business, or individual profile.

As you can see, there are many Facebook tools worth looking into that can help you build new leads and create attention. You don’t have to pay a marketing firm…all you have to do is know the tools and schedule time for social media campaigning!

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