Top 3 Android Phones


When it comes to mobile phones it can be difficult to know exactly what you need and which are the best on the market. Here is a guide to three of the best phones on the market at the moment.

First off we have the LG Optimus G, this fantastic looking phone has the specs to match with a Quad Core processor and a 4.7 inch screen with an impressive pixel density. The phone can handle anything you throw at it, and with its gorilla glass casing it is strong enough to live through the mishaps of a normal life. The display screen is bright and colourful being well defined with sharp text and the 8MP camera creates amazing stills. The 1080p video is smooth when recording and overall is great quality. This is a fantastic phone to use; it is well designed and shows off Android and Sony Ericsson’s phone making skills in an amazing light.


Next we have the HTC One X. This brings a fast CPU, but being only a Duel-Core CPU is not quite as fast as others on the market, as usual they have integrated Beats Audio features to the phone in order to give great audio quality. This mobile phone has an impressive 4 viagra.7 inch super LCD screen and the latest version of Sense making it a ‘zippy’ and clean experience. It is a well-built solid feeling device with a 8MP camera capable of recording in 1080p.

Finally we have the Samsung Galaxy S3, just like the HTC the S3 only has a Duel-Core CPU however like the HTC this doesn’t really hold it back at all.  It has a 4.8 HD Super AMOLED display which gives an amazing picture, along with the 8MP camera allowing for the capture of 1080p video. This phone has everything you would need in a modern top end phone.

All of these phones are ideal for avid gamers because of the enhanced CPU and bright, reactive screens available. One of the newer games that is growing in popularity is the Lucky Nugget game offered by Jackpot City. Poker fans can now indulge in a range of games including video poker, online blackjack and baccarat on their androids and with the phones above the increased capabilities make this a smooth and enjoyable experience

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2 thoughts on “Top 3 Android Phones

  1. I am a big fan of Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X,,had a tough time deciding between Galaxy S3 and HTC One X,,,chose S3 but have to be honest the music is not great on this phone,,HTC onX has much better music

  2. Hi Praveen
    I have heard a lot of great things about the HTC One X, but if I should those one of these phones I think I would go for the Samsung Galaxy S3. I don’t care too much about how many cores the phone has. For me the battery life is more important.

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