Top Online Apps for Data Management


Most online companies today have database to store their website data but many don’t have software to manage their data. In order to help such companies effectively manage their online data effectively, there are many online applications that can help to manage their website data without compromising on the security and confidentiality of the company.

These applications not only easily manage the websites database but also enable the user to work with multiple database engines, regular switch between different applications to manage data, metadata editing, allow custom SQL execution and much more.


Hereunder are the top seven online applications for data management:

My DB Studio( Free SQL Database Manager)

My DB Studio database manager is an application that has almost all the features that you would want in a database manager. It can connect to unlimited number of databases, records, tables and databases can be created, edited, deleted, backed up, exported in multiple formats and restored.

It also has a special feature of SSH tunneling for databases that are behind a firewall or local.


HeidiSQL application can connect multiple databases, create tables, view them, edit them and also allows scheduling of events like back up. The application is great for regular jobs and can export or import databases with multiple formats and can even transfer database directly to another server.


My WebSQL is a Multilanguage application for data management that is web based and performs desktop like functions. It is built with a PHP and can accomplish tasks very quickly.

It can create, edit, record or delete tables, records repair tables, import and export data, search function and also has the facility of creating shortcuts for actions to make browsing faster.

The application allows working with multiple items simultaneously and the interface of the application is very friendly.


This is a free database management application that can work with many different engines including My SQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Firebird and many more. Since the application is built on Java platform, it works on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac.

The application offers the facility to perform tasks like meta editing of tables, columns, indexes, custom SQL execution, multiple connections etc. The user can even draw ER diagrams for database modeling also.

DB Ninja

DB Ninja is a web based My SQL database management application that is built with a PHP. The application has very friendly interface like a PC and can connect to multiple local and remote databases. The application allows multiple tasks at a time and offers the facility to run on a different tab as well.

Open Link Virtuoso

This application has static and dynamic data system with a materialized view and a temporary table. The application can be run on windows and Linux as the application supports both operating systems. The application has a SQL, GUI and API and is available free of cost.

Open link virtuoso offers hybrid server to the users that delivers unrivaled solutions for data management, access and integration to individuals and corporate.

Do you have any of these applications downloaded for better data management?

For more information on data management for your business, check out

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    Thanks for giving these useful resources for data management

  2. To my knowledge I have only used MYSQL and Oracle as my back end Databases. It’s amazing to see such a lot of databases in the market that can suit the wide variety of applications.

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