All we ever needed from a navigating system was accuracy and functionality, and that’s exactly what Google Maps have delivered to its consumers. With the launch of Google maps on Apple operating systems it has become a lot easier for a person to navigate all the routes with just a single touch on products enabled with iOS 6. Although it is a big relief, but compatibility of this application is a little jittery because it runs a little slow on Apple iOs 4 but if we compare its performance with iOS 5 , then we might find that there is a big difference in the performance of the application between both the operating systems. As for now, Google maps application is free for Apple operating systems based smart phones.

Google Maps For iPhone


User interface

Google maps for iOS 6 have really had undergone some changes with its user interface which are quite noticeable. The application on iOS 6 quite resembles the apple maps on iPhones. To start the navigation users just have to log in using his Google user ID and can start navigating.  The initial starting point will be automatically saved over the screen navigator.


This time Goggle maps has kept in mind that there should not be same boring features like they were in the Apple maps. They are introducing a lot more new features this time.  For starters, there is a traffic view feature where a user can obtain all the information about the traffic on the streets of a city on just one click. Public transit feature shows the total time of a journey from a point to another for a user if they use public transport. It also includes all the information of the buses.


The performance of Goggle Maps for iOS 6 is a lot better than the performances of Apple Maps and Google maps on other apple operating systems. As per now in the market all the users are using this application on apple iPhone 4 as because in most of the countries apple iPhone 5 has not been yet launched, this makes the working of this application a little slow and the images a little blur over the screen.


With this mapping application is incredibly accurate and also having a turn by turn voice navigation. The user interface for this application is quite intuitive and clean. If you have a favorite place, now it’s a lot easier to save down its location for a frequent visit. The applications with all such brilliant qualities are have some charges for their services but Google maps application is free.


The application is specially designed for iOS 6 and using this application on the Apple iPhone 4 makes the working of this application quite jittery and slow. The application works somewhat much better with apple IOS5.  There are some features which will not be working over iOS 4, like, there are no alternative routes shown during navigation on iOS 4.


Though Google has always been a source of reliability, the Google Maps Application for iOS 6 has added extra advantage to the apple products. The application is laced will a lot of new features and people can finally do away with faulty apple maps!

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