So you want to grow a profitable blog?

Is it possible to double the amount of traffic your blog generates on a daily basis?

Almost every blogger I know is looking for web traffic loophole to increase readership.

Trust me, I’m one of such persons but I’ve cracked the code. The truth is, web traffic can make a lot of difference on how much you can make this 2013.

If you’ve struggled in the past to grow your traffic, I’ve got you covered. These five ways are simple steps you can take.

Don’t forget that your blog already has the potential to attract free traffic, if only you can implement these tips. Let’s get started:

1.      Visualize the growth of your blog

This is the stage where you’d use your mind to see the future of your blog. More so, knowing

where your business would be in 1 – 3 years time could motivate you to work harder.

I’ve experienced the impact of visualizing your blog’s growth in 2011. If I made it, you too can.

Most likely, you want to build an engaged audience, build a responsive email list and probably replace your day’s job with your blog’s earning.

And you’ve the ability to see your future from that realm. All it takes is your imagination.

Whatever you can see from your Spirit is achievable. I’m not trying to sound spiritual here, but the life we live in is governed by an unseen force. Do you agree with me?

Why don’t you try it out? Find a quiet place, sit and start meditating on the future of your blog. Believe me, this is the first action step to help increase your traffic and income.

2.      Repurpose your content

In this age of stiff competition, you’ll need to diversify a bit. If you only have articles on your blog, it’s time to turn some of them into easy-to-digest formats.

You could compile your best posts into a short report, edit, format and give it a name. Then use it to build your email list.

What about writing a case study? This can showcase your struggles, and how you eventually made it in your business. Rather than writing articles all the time, think of ways to record a podcast or video. These are great ways to repurpose your content.

This could double your traffic by 201% because people who don’t like reading blog posts can download your manifesto or short report. And if it’s valuable, they can share it willingly, thereby sending spikes of targeted traffic to your blog on autopilot.

3.      Write cornerstone content

The major reason why some blogs are buried in Google’s page 40 and drives little or no traffic is because the foundation of effective content marketing was neglected.

Before you go about looking for more traffic, you need to first strengthen your blog pages.

And the easiest way to make this happen is by writing cornerstone content. By “cornerstone,” I’m talking about blog posts that are multi-faceted.

It should contain a short video, relevant images and links to helpful resources where readers can learn more. The blog post must also be detailed (1000 words min.) and should target your primary keywords.

This type of content naturally attracts social shares, which can suck in social media traffic, referral traffic and word of mouth referrals. Starting off with 5 – 20 cornerstone content should make your blog strong and traffic-worthy.

4.      Comment atop

I’ve a quick question for you. Have you ever written a comment before everyone else on a blog post that later went viral? Of course, the blog should be one of those popular A-list blogs in your niche. Not yours.

The beauty of this traffic strategy is that the traffic would be consistent for as long as the post remains evergreen.

Here’s what you MUST do: subscribe to at least 3 top blogs, which you know attracts more than 1000 daily readers.

Whenever a new post is published, you’d get notified as a subscriber. Pause whatever you’re doing at the moment and hurry; be the first to write a valuable comment.

Hopefully, your comment would be approved and that’s a huge source of traffic. The secret is to read the post and summarize a particular paragraph.

Don’t just ask a question. Speak your mind as an expert but don’t go off-topic. That’s why reading through and not skimming is the ultimate way to make this work.

5.      Borrow someone’s traffic

Yes, you can steal someone’s traffic and go scot-free. Without revealing what this unique traffic tactic is, you should have known by now.

All right, for the benefit of those who don’t understand parables, I’m talking about “Guest Blogging.”

There is no better way to steal an A-list blogger’s traffic, than writing a quality and jaw-dropping content for his or her lovely audience.

Lack of confidence has been the #1 obstacle stopping beginners and intermediate bloggers from pitching their guest post idea.

But if you continue like that, your blog’s traffic would never grow. There is no magic to building “that” spectacular blog that people can flock to.

It takes hard work and creativity to make money from your blog, too. Of course, after you MUST have monetized effectively. The earlier you get started with guest blogging, the faster your traffic grows.

Traffic takeaway

The lifeblood of your blog is quality traffic. Without this, you’d be among those who complain that blogging is all hyped-up.Rich, informative and evergreen content can grow your blog’s traffic faster – even though you didn’t go overboard on keywords targeting.

And always give your traffic a place to live – that is, encourage your visitors and blog readers to join your email list.

It’s the best decision you can make as an entrepreneur. Leave me a comment below and share the best traffic strategy you’ve been using. See you at the top!

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