Top 10 Free WordPress Magazine Themes 2013


Using magazine-style layouts with WordPress has become incredibly fashionable in recent years. Nowadays, a simple post feed configuration won’t cut it for most sites. Magazine themes allow sites to put a professional face on their publications. If you are having an online magazine and using WordPress as your platform, then here are the best Magazine WordPress themes you can opt for in 2013:


Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes 2013


Render Magazine

The Render Magazine WordPress theme is a straightforward yet highly effective layout that’s perfect for niche sites and hobby blogs. It’s SEO-optimized, features flickrRSS, boasts animated tag clouds and supports all of the other bells and whistles we’ve come to expect in a theme.

IsoTherm News Magazine

If you’re looking for a theme that’s a little more comprehensive, IsoTherm News Magazine might just work for you. It includes featured posts by default, slick pagination, embedded AdSense support and automatic image re-sizing as well as multi-level child pages and child categories.


For a free WordPress theme, NewsMojo has an astonishing number of features. For starters, it’s a responsive design that can adapt to any mobile display. In addition, it includes WooCommerce Shopping Cart support, post thumbnail support, tons of shortcodes and many customization options.

Silver Orchid

Feature rich without bombarding webmasters with too many choices, SilverOrchid is another excellent magazine theme for WordPress. Shipping with built-in support for jQuery carousels and sliders, multi-level menus, nested comments and seamless pagination, it’s ready for business right out of the gate.


Clean and responsive seems to be the motto of Gonzo, another magazine theme designed to display perfectly on any device. It’s an excellent choice for sites that require tight social media integration. Widgets for Facebook Fans, Flickr, Socialbox Counter and AdPress come standard.



Ribbon is a responsive Magazine styled WordPress theme developed by MyThemeShop. It’s an HTML5 and CSS3 based theme which comes up with plenty of awesome features such as multiple color schemes, SEO options, theme customization options, related posts widget right within the theme, customized widgets etc. It’s the right theme for all kinds of Online magazines or blogs.


One of the more aptly named free themes available, Gadgetry is a prudent choice for tech blogs and review sites. Its layout is vaguely reminiscent of the Windows 8 UI. Customize it to your liking and you’ve got a unique tech site in minutes.


For blogs that pride themselves on delivering breaking news and views, Reporter should be a no-brainer. It features a news ticker in the default banner, loads of different modules for various post types and a design that’s optimized for video embedding.


If you’re shooting for an ever-changing, Pinterest-like layout in your WordPress theme, Pinboard fits the bill. Based on a responsive grid system and featuring superlative HTML5 and CSS3 support, it’s a theme that’s easy to customize for a unique yet modern look.

Max Magazine

Brought to you by the same team behind SilverOrchid, Max Magazine is a strikingly crisp theme that’s extremely versatile. With it, you’ll get all the typical features like jQuery sliders, custom backgrounds and pagination. Additionally, it has custom social media widgets for extra interactivity.

The Right Theme for the Job

No matter how perfect, every theme requires a little hacking to eventually suit your purposes. The question is this: which of the themes profiled above gets you closest to your ideal layout with the least amount of effort?

And if you are looking for paid themes for your WordPress based sites, then here are some theme clubs that develops and sells premium WordPress themes.

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