Blogging Tips & Advice for the Beginners

Blogging Tips

Blog traffic is an essential aspect of blogging. It is a sign of how well the blog is performing. Monitoring blog traffic lets us know what aspects of the blogging process we need to invest time in. Let’s take a look at blogging tips for the uninitiated.


WordPress is the Most Powerful Blogging Platform

WordPress allows you to become a problogger fast and without having to worry about technology. WordPress is the best and most popular blogging platform there is. It is easy to setup and intuitive to use. It is open source and so is supported by a large community. In addition it is great for content management. It is easy to set up a WordPress blog and you do not require great technical skills to do this. In addition WordPress blogs usually rank higher on search engines than other competing blogging platforms.

Check out this post about the WordPress plugins that is being used by Geeks4Share and recommended for you as well.


Blog Commenting

Comment on blogs in your niche. Make it a point to try to be the first commentator. People often visit blogs of people who make good comments. This is one way to increase blog traffic. You should also know about comment policy, read about it now.


Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to draw traffic to your site. When you guest post on a popular blog, you include a link to your blog in the credits. If you write a great post then people who would normally visit the guest post blog will find their way to your blog. Your authority and blog traffic will increase simultaneously. You can learn about making a proper content strategy here.


Use the Best Themes

There are over 1700 themes available on and some of these are extremely beautiful. Choose a light, responsive theme that loads quickly. In addition choose a theme that fits your purpose. If you are willing to pay then you have a choice of Genesis or Thesis frameworks from which to choose a theme. Check out this post about the essential elements of a proper blog design.

Blogging Tips


Add Sharing Buttons

Let your visitors share your content easily by adding share buttons. There are several sharing widgets on WordPress. These buttons enhance traffic and improve visibility.


Use Customized 404 Pages

If a customer is lost in your website he should go to customized 404 pages. These pages should be neat and appealing so that the customer clicks another link to go to your blog.


Focus On Your Content

Content is an essential part of web marketing. As the popular saying goes – “content is king.” Without quality content you are nowhere as a blogger. Every post you publish must be quality content and for this you need great creative writing skills. When people read your content and like it, they are likely to return back to your website for more. Great content is the simplest way to increase traffic.


Track Traffic with Google Analytics

When you start your blog, you should use Google Analytics to track web traffic. It lets you know where traffic is coming from and also where it is going. It is great for keyword research and lets you know what keywords to focus on. It helps you schedule blog posts. If you want more detailed insights into your traffic you can connect your Google Analytics account to Google Webmaster Tools.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the most essential tool in search engine marketing. You need to find out which terms the customer is searching for more. These terms can then be included in your blog posts. You can use the Google Adwords search tool for coming up with keyword ideas at

Blogs have revolutionized the way we communicate, share and market. Learn the nitty-gritty of web marketing to create a blog that is loved and brings you, the blogger income for years to come.

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