How to Build Google Panda & Penguin Friendly Backlinks for Your Site

Backlink Building

Tired of having to guest post all the time? Are you sick of constant rejections by philistines and people with their heads up their own rump? Wish you had a way to diversify your link building? Consider a few things on this article. Here is a list is of some of the many ways you can build backlinks for your website without getting in trouble with Google. The only method that Google recommends is that you use forums and social media to spread the word about your website. They do not recommend that you make any direct attempts to create backlinks. Nevertheless, there are lots of ways that you can build Google Panda and Penguin friendly backlinks for your site, as listed below:

Backlink Building

Comment and engage with forums

If you join a lot of forums, you may be able to take part within the online community. You can spread the word about your website and hopefully your new fans will link to you. Google doesn’t mind this, but you can also add in link yourself in some forums. Just be sure that you obey the forum rules on links.

Check out this post about the best high PR dofollow forums to build quality backlinks for your website on the go.


Spread the word on social media

You have heard that links, likes, shares, etc on social media are good for your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and this is true. However, a link form a social media site is not classed as a true backlink. If you want those then you have to spread the words about your website on social media. You need to get people off social media and onto your website so that they can fall in love with it and link to it of their own accord. Beware however, that currently, the highest recorded percentage for getting people from social media is 27%. So, for example, do not expect all of your Facebook friends to suddenly go on your website and then start linking to it.


Add content to some legitimate article sites

You may have heard a lot of bad things about article sites, but a lot of the information has been confused. Google only penalizes and removes article sites that are breaking their quality guidelines and rules. There are still lots of legitimate article sits out there. You can add your content to them and receive a working link that is recognized by Google.


Buy a link from legitimate directories

Again, Google removed a lot of directories from its search engine results, but there are still some online that you may legitimately purchase a link from. These are often websites that are there to help customers find a merchant or service provider. So for example, if your run a carpet fitting service, then there are a few legitimate directories to help people find carpet fitters. You may add yourself onto their index/directory for a price, and receive a working link as a result.

Check out this post to learn about the best article directories to submit your content and build quality backlinks.


Get a link from other people’s Websites

If you make a lot of friends online then they may link to your blog posts of their own accord. If not, can you convince them to install a permanent link from their site to your site? Maybe you can pay to have a permanent advert placed on their site.


You get add links from your own websites

If you have more than one website, then link them all up. Add several links from different pages. Try to keep related pages linked to related pages if you can.


Post a link from your own blog(s)

If you have a blog then link from it, just the same as if you have a website then link to your blog from it.


Guest post on other people’s blogs

This is a common enough practice, and there are a lot of blogs who now accept blog post submissions. It may be difficult to get the blog webmaster to agree to post your guest post, but submit enough over the months and some of them are bound to post your guest posts.


Hire a content and link disseminator

Be careful if you do this, as they may employ black-Hat SEO techniques. Still, if they are legitimate then it can save you a lot of time looking for places to link from and then writing for them (or submitting to them).


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  1. @Kate, Do you recommend link buying? Everyone says NO to it, but you have mentioned to buy links!

  2. I guess if you are buying links from a relevant site (not in bulk), then it won’t harm your site. And if you are getting links from a relevant web page with relevant anchor text, then I’m sure it won’t harm your site in any way. But yeah, you will need to keep your anchor texts diversified.


  3. I agree with your points. Leaving behind everything is we see clearly the two main factors that get us some traffic remains the forums and the social media which offer traffic in bulk. So, we should use them to the fullest to get some business.

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  7. Thanks for this post. I believe the hardest thing about creating a website is building backlinks and SEO in general. I will use your tips and hopefully will start increasing my PR.

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