Google Penguin – What Has it Changed So Far?

Google Penguin

Google Penguin is a new set of instructions provided by Google which is meant to decrease the ranking given by search engine to internet sites that breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by making use of unethical search engine optimization (SEO) practices which has been declared black-hat SEO methods. While Google’s other algorithms deliberately aim to exhibit better web sites at the beginning of Google’s search results, Google Penguin mainly targets link bombing and web spam.

The SEO scenario is always changing as Google is continuously trying to provide better search results to its users.  This is forcing Google to make changes in its search engine algorithms and these changes can significantly affect the ranking of the web pages. A web site owner should know what course the SEO is taking in 2013 in order to use the correct search engine optimization tools in its web page.

Google Penguin

Till now, a company’s SEO mainly focused on generating perfect content using a good combination of keywords, and creating an excellent backlink portfolio by connecting high-quality internet sites to one’s web page. Though backlinking and keyword content are still considered essential features that decide the quality score (Google Page Rank) of a web page, Google is bringing in new standards taking into consideration the rate of recurrence and quality of a web site’s content. Additionally, Google will also use social factors to calculate how well the important internet viewers have received the content. These parameters of the quality of the content and social signals will control search engine optimization attempts as businesses look to retaining and building good rankings by strong search engines.

Some changes that this new algorithm i.e. Google Penguin, has brought in are pinned down. Check them below:

  • Making web pages perfect – Google’s search engine algorithm updates have added ratings by real people. These reviews by actual human beings will help Google decide the web site’s quality. Basically, Google will analyze the usability of one’s web site and knowing Google’s human page raters working methodology and guiding principle will help determine how one can boost one’s web site.
  • Exclusive, excellent content that is regularly updated – Google and its human page raters will be emphasizing more on good quality, distinguished subject matter. Google’s latest algorithm update and the addition of page raters will make it tougher to manipulate the system by increasing the use of keywords and HTML tags. Web developers and vendors will have to constantly create intelligent and creative on-site subject matter. Google will also give authors and content creators across the internet the right to rate the web pages.
  • Social media – Social signals will be used by Google in ranking a web page. With the latest Google algorithm, the significance of building, engaging, interacting with and retaining online visitors has become more important. And if influential audiences visit one’s site the social signals that decide the ranking of the web pages will be impressive. Taking part in an online conversation by adding meaningful comments will draw the social influencer’s attention, which in turn will share the subject matter and eventually perk up the web pages’ ranking.


Thus in 2013, Google Penguin will reinforce the significance of creative and intelligent content that is also current and is considered credible by social influencers and internet users.

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  1. We should stay away from penguin. I need to update some articles to make them high quality. Thanks for an alert.

  2. This is true Google has always surprise people with its instant algorithmic changes to prevent spammers for modifying the results shown by Google. I think this is quite essential as people should get a real picture of what is best for them when they look for it on Google and should not get results which are bought up using some malicious activities.

  3. Nice article, Google is the largest search engine in the world, so I dont blame them in taking any measures to retain that.

  4. Algorithm is really nice as it has reduced ranking of some big websites also if they are doing black hat seo techniques.even has been affected so much for their content scrapping.

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