Make Money Through Blogging With 5 Essential Methods


As internet is much easily available to anyone in the world and blogging has been getting more and more popular, people are starting to realize that they can actually make some money online by blogging. There are some whom earn a few cash and some are even making tens of thousands every month like John Chow from home just from blogging alone. As long as you have a will to learn, nothing is too late and you just have to get yourself started from a few simple steps before you can advance to the next level.

So what we plan to share with you today are some tips that allow you to make money blogging. Note that you may easily have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn all the following from some internet marketing courses but here we are giving all of them to you free of charge.


How To Make Money From Blogging At Home

1. Google Adsense

It is still the best method by displaying text or image ads (of different sizes) on your blog or website. It may not make you millions overnight but quite an instant way to start pocketing some nice cash into your pocket.

2. Infolinks

It is another way to display ads by converting existing texts in your blog into links where your visitors can hover or click to read the ads. Earnings may not be a lot but easy money too. Now comes with tag cloud which increases your earnings too.

3. Selling Electronic Books

If you do not have an electronic product to sell, you may simply convert your blog contents into a visual eBook or audio product which you can sell it online for a small fee.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Simply promote others products on your own blog and when someone clicks on your affiliate link and make a purchase, you get paid with a commission. However, do note that you only get paid when there is a sale.

5. Writing Articles

If you think you are a good writer and have a flair for English, you may write unique and quality articles for internet marketers or bloggers and get paid for your service in return.

If the tips above, I am sure you can start working on your journey to make money through blogging but I must alert you that a lot of hard works involved so please do not expect to get rich overnight, which also applies to everything in life.

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19 thoughts on “Make Money Through Blogging With 5 Essential Methods

  1. Yes,I am totally agree with that today internet have lot of opportunity and these 5 ways are primary method to make money from blogging.Thanks for sharing

  2. Solid ways to make money here. I am not personally sold on the value of infolinks, it seems that it can make an article look “cheap” without really gaining a lot of money. But still to each his own. ANd it can make money.

    I also think ebooks are often underrated these days. I still make a good portion of my living from ebooks I have written.

    1. Good for you. Too bad I am poor in selling ebooks. Guess there are too many sellers nowadays.

  3. Good list post. Short and to the point also no extra sauce. I am sharing with my networks on the interwebs.

    1. thanks for helping to share.

  4. Affiliate marketing is very popular today, that is why many benefited here.Writing splendid articles is also an immense style to make money effectively!

  5. Thanks for the post here and i hope this can really help a lot…

    Making money through blogging and this methods helps me a lot. I have try all of that 5 method and I really agree that you earn a lot money in blogging.

    1. Not really a lot. I am still learning here.

      1. But still you make money in blogging. 🙂

  7. Writing splendid articles is also an immense style to make money effectively.Thanks for the post here and i hope this can really help a lot…

  8. Already using infolinks and adsense will find out about the rest.
    Thanks for the article keep blogging.

  9. Really useful post. This post will help those who want to earn Money through blogging including me. Thanks for sharing such a informative stuff

  10. Great article!

    I too am really not a big fan of infolinks but it’s definitely a valid way to make money through blogging.

  11. Mostly bloggers earn money with ads, affliate, ppc etc. but for me I earn my money through selling products and websites. Great Idea on how to earn more in the internet.

  12. Google adsense is the one area that I really have not taken advantage of at all– and is the one thing that I have on my agenda to learn more about this year and begin using. I write tons of content, and make decent money as a writer, but I think I am probably passing up some decent passive income by ignoring adsense to this point. Can anybody give me an idea of what a blog could expect to earn from adsense? Say one with 3000 uniques per month, PR3, Alexa under 200K? Is it worth all those ads on your site?

  13. Dear Really Great Tips For The Way Of Money Make Online. Thanks

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