WP External Links Plugin – Easily Make All the External Links “Nofollow” on Your WordPress Site [How To]


If you often include links to external websites in most of the posts on your WordPress based site, then you have the feeling that how frustrating is it to make the external links “nofollow” by editing the HTML content. Yes, although you can make the outgoing links nofollow on your WordPress blog by using rel=”external nofollow” or simply rel=”nofollow” with the target=”_blank” tag for setting the links to be opened in a new tab. For example, if you want to making a link nofollow in the WordPress Post Editor, then you can simply input the link with the Visual Editor, and then select the Text Editor and place the nofollow attribute within the link context i.e. <a href=”http://www.geeks4share.com” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Geeks4Share</a>.

<a href="http://www trouver du viagra pas cher.geeks4share.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Links.jpg” data-wpel-link=”internal”>Links

But I know – doing it manually takes a lot of time, so I’m sure you would really love to make this task automatic and place the “nofollow” attribute automatically to all the external links (including the existing and the newly added ones) on your WordPress site. But how can we do so? Well, there’s a simple plugin namely “WP External Links” which you can use to make all the outgoing links nofollow on your WordPress blog. The plugin is available in the WordPress marketplace, you can search for it right from your WordPress dashboard and install it up straight away. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can set the plugin up by clicking on the “External Links” option in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard.


WP External Links


After landing on the options page of the plugin, just go to the “SEO Settings” section, just tick mark the Add “nofollow” option and the Add “external” option to make the external links nofollow, plus make them open in a new tab in the browser. Click on the “Save Changes” button to save your preferences. Now, if you want some links to be dofollow, you can also add exception to such links, by simply placing them in the “Ignore links (URL)” box under the “Apply On” section. Furthermore, you can also choose the contents on which you want this plugin to be functional such as posts, comments, widgets or all of your contents. You can also set specific icons to be placed along with the external links, using this awesome plugin. There are also many other options which you can figure out in the settings page of the plugin.


WP External Links Plugin


I’ve been using this plugin on all of my WordPress based sites for long, and I must say that it has really make my external linking work a lot more easier than before, as I now don’t have to make the outgoing links nofollow manually by editing the HTML of the posts. So, what are you waiting for, get the plugin now from the link given below (or you can also search in from your dashboard as well). Make sure to share your views and opinions about this WordPress plugin, and if you are using any other similar plugin for this work, then please don’t hesitate to mention about it below. Anyways, here’s the link to grab the plugin:

Download WP External Links Plugin for WordPress

If you are looking to get a good Pagerank for your site, then check out this post about getting PR9 backlinks for free.

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4 thoughts on “WP External Links Plugin – Easily Make All the External Links “Nofollow” on Your WordPress Site [How To]

  1. Thank for sharing this plugin..

    How about the links linking within my blog…

    Hope they won’t be nofollow also…?

    Thanks…awaiting ur reply

    1. Yes, obviously. All the external links are dofollow by default, but you can make use of this simple plugin to turn them into nofollow. If you have any other confusion, feel free to ask me.


  2. You can also use SEO smart links to achieve this..

    1. I haven’t used that plugin yet. But I have heard that that’s a automatic interlining plugin, can it be used to make links nofollow too?


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