CodeLobster PHP Edition Review: PHP is a very popular language these days and almost every new project is being typed in this programming language due to its light weight and ultra high portability, though it lacks on security. Those who want to start learning the PHP look for some IDE because PHP itself doesn’t come with any IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

There is one more fact about PHP programming language which is there with almost every programming language i.e. it alone can’t be used to develop any project. It needs support of other basic programming languages. PHP needs HTML, CSS and JavaScript for sure and to get a good IDE which is capable of decoding or coding all these programming languages together is not an easy task.


CodeLobster Review


Codelobster PHP Edition

There are lots of IDEs available for PHP supporting all other mentioned programming languages but most of them will cost you. So if you looking for some best IDE for PHP then I want to recommend Codelobster to you.

Why CodeLobster?

CodeLobster is a free PHP IDE compatible only for Windows (XP/Vista/7). It is compatible with Windows Server as well and it’s got an additional feature of being portable as well. So it can be defined completely as a free portable PHP IDE for windows.

I think being free and portable is just enough for an IDE like Codelobster to be recommended but things not over yet there are lots of features to talk about. Here I start with the features.

CodeLobster Features or Pros

  • You can use Codelobster for CSS, PHP, HTML and even JavaScript.
  • It got syntax highlighting.
  • There is auto completion feature as well along which senses the codes while you writing and makes the perfect and best auto completion.
  • Its integration with different browser is also a plus point.
  • The IDE starts almost instantly compared to other IDE.
  • It allows connecting to database within itself.
  • Class view can be used to see functions, variables and other important part of your PHP code.
  • It got a preview feature as well which can be used to see the output without use of browser.
  • It supports popular CMS (Content Management System) as well like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla.
  • It supports JavaScript libraries as well like jQuery.
  • The IDE also supports popular frameworks like CakePHP, Facebook, etc.

So a long list of features and that too in a free IDE. Isn’t it amazing?

It isn’t completely free!

The software or the IDE is not complete free. You need to pay for using additional plugins within the IDE. Like if you want to use CakePHP framework or jQuery then you need to pay for that.

This thing is fine to me because I’m happy at getting complete IDE for free and can pay for plugins. There should be some scope for developers to earn too.


The IDE has got not much cons but the major one is that it can be used for basic learning only. If you’re a serious programmer then this IDE isn’t for you, though you can use it for basic learning purposes and once you find yourself expert in PHP then you need to definitely look for some good IDE (paid one).

Overall Review

My overall review of the CodeLobster PHP Edition IDE is good. It took me on the supported tools, frameworks and mostly on the speed. I can give it 4 out of 5 and end up with a conclusion that it’s an impressive IDE for those who want to learn PHP.

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