Wondershare Video Editor Review & Giveaway

Wondershare Video Editor

Wondershare Video Editor Review & Giveaway: Photography has changed the entire world. It’s always there to make your moment immortal. Fortunately, this era has got a number of tech gadgets that offer all kinds of features and functions related to photography and it needs. There are many kinds of digital cameras available to capture photos and record videos for different purposes. However, Photo editors and video editors play a vital role to make them the best ones. Here we are going to get to the best and the most innovative Video Editor. Keep on reading to read the review of one of the best video editors available out there.


Wondershare Video Editor Review


Wondershare Video Editor


Wondershare Video Editor, this is one of the best and highly popular Video Editor tool at the present moment. Following are all the useful details of it along with its Download link. Wondershare Video Editor tool is compatible with Windows OS and Mac system. Both the separate versions are available. Additionally, this video editor tool has got everything to make the perfect video by adding up some effects, some noise and some spicy things. Fortunately, it delivers the simplest and decent user interface so that anyone can use it. And specially this video editor tool is designed only for the beginners who have just started this field. People do really like to have some special moments which can be rejoiced in the future too and videos are the only option left with them.

Wondershare Video Editor works like a magic and I’m Pretty sure that you would definitely going to like this tool at the very first hands on of it. No matter what kind of a camera you have used, this editor works on any kinds of videos. Most of the people record videos from their smart phones, or digital camera or a cam recorder. This tool fits everywhere. In addition to it, it works on HD video formats too. So there is no need to worry about anything, you can get started with this video editor tool to edit any types of videos within. Before talking further, you got to check out some awesome and very useful features of this video editor tool. They are here!


Wondershare Video Editor Features


  • Delivers the simplest UI that makes it easiest to use
  • Fun to explore tool for video editing
  • Compatible for any types of videos, audios and photos
  • Personalize videos with a number of extra amazing features
  • Scene detection, jump cut, mosaic, picture to picture, face off, audio separation, playback speed and many other tools are there on the go
  • Trip, split and crop basic features are there to be used on videos, photos and audios
  • Smart Scene Detection intelligently splits video into segments
  • Add filters, fades, credits and many more things while making use of this tool
  • User can create close ups, add tilt shift, blur and many other things within this tool
  • Instant sharing option with different kinds of devices
  • Sharing option is available with DVD, Facebook, YouTube, iPhone and all the other measure uploader
  • It holds more than 100 special editing tools to add more effects on the video
  • Separates your videos in different segments to let just select a few from them and add effects to them only
  • More than 300 effects to get you a Hollywood look alike movie
  • And a simple workplace to edit videos at your ease

These were all the awesome features of this so useful and popular video editor, Wondershare. You can have a lot many more features when you are up to get a very first hands-on of it. I know, you are waiting for the installation process of this tool. Well, you are reminded again that this tool is compatible with Windows OS and Mac. So, if you are using any of the here mentioned PC system, you are good to go further. This tool can be easily installed on your PC. Following step by step tutorial will help you to download and install this tool on your PC. It’s easy, give it a try now!


How to Install Wondershare Video Editor on PC?


Step 1 :

Download Wondershare Video Editor tool for your PC. If you don’t know from where to download it, go to the following link and download it now.

Download Wondershare Video Editor for Windows PC and Mac

Step 2 :

After clicking on to the above link, it would be asking you whether to download this file or not. Click on to the Download option.

Step 3 :

Downloading of Wondershare Video Editor tool will start immediately. It takes a few seconds to download its installer.

Step 4 :

After complete the downloading process, you need to follow some basic instructions which teaches you some facts about this tool. Follow all the basic instructions well and at the last there would be an install option. Click on to that option.

Step 5 :

Wondershare Video Editor now automatically starts downloading. It takes several minutes to complete the installation process. You need to wait for a while until it gets finished the installation process.

Step 6 :

After several minutes, Wondershare Video Editor tool will be installed on your desired PC system. You can have a special icon of this tool, click it out and start editing the video.


Wondershare Video Editor Giveaway – Free License Keys




Wondershare Video Editor is an all in one video editing tool that will satisfy all your video editing needs, and help you edit your videos comfortably on the fly. Although, this is a premium software that costs $39.99 for each lifetime license key or registration code. However, there is also a free trial version of the software available that will allow you to taste up the software before purchasing. But you don’t need to worry about buying as for now, Geeks4Share.com has partnered with Wondershare to give away 10 free license keys of the Wondershare Video Editor software to 10 lucky winners. Yes, you have read that right – it’s your chance to get this amazing video editing software from Wondershare for free.

To enter into the giveaway, all you need to do is to follow the mandatory steps below:

(1) First of all, like the Facebook fanpage of Wondershare: https://www.facebook.com/wondershare

(2) Secondly, follow Wondershare on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wondershare

(3) Now, like the official Facebook fanpage of Geeks4Share via this link: http://www.facebook.com/geeks4share

(4) At last, once you are done with all the steps above, just comment below to become an eligible participant of the giveaway.

Note: This is an international giveaway, so anyone from anywhere across the world can participate in it. And this giveaway starts from 21st August and will end on 5th of September 2013, and the winners will be declared on 6th September.

That’s it, just do the above steps to participate in this giveaway and take with yourself a free Wondershare Video Editor license key!

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