Are Legends Born or Made?

Hejneken Voyage

Heineken® is all set to run their all new global campaign, which they named as ‘Voyage’. The campaign is all about checking your inner ability and it does carry a well stable caption with ‘Are Legends born, or made?’ This time the campaign is undertaking its most daring experiment with the people out there just to test what men are truly made.


Hejneken Voyage


Basically, the campaign is all about to provide you a whole new and weird life. Yes, the life which you have never ever lived. Here this campaign will telecast in terms of different episodes. The main criteria of this campaign is to chose a set of people who are good at everything. They will be sent out to a new locations only with some directions and most basic supplies. They need to survive there and come back by to the pavilion by following the given directions. This what this Dropped all about. This would be the legendary travel experience with this ‘Voyage’, a new campaign from premium beer brand Heineken®.

This is the fifth installment of this legends platforms from Heineken® with something new to explore. The episodes will broadcast on different medias like digital and mobile. You could watch them out according to your comfort zone. Just to get you the best experience of this amazing adventurous campaign, there’s a special place. Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel is available from which you can follow each Dropped voyage from this running campaign. Followers can attach their own videos to win prizes and many more things by following this channel.

In addition, this campaign is about to show off the power of the brand and hence they have put a new and an extremely innovative way to get it unleashed to the people by making a class campaign with highly motivated and made people who are always ready to face the challenges. Yes, it’s all about the dignity in a real man and this campaign will get you the best environment to check it well.

The whole drama will totally be thrilled without any scripts. No one knows what would be happened after completing an adventure? Is their destination is home? For all we know legends aren’t made, they’re Dropped. Do check out some official words regarding this campaign by Heineken itself.

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