The Benefits of Choosing Android OS


If you have purchased a mobile phone or tablet then there is a good chance you’ll be using the Android operating system. Google’s Android is set to hit the 700 million user mark in 2013 and it’s been a success story that took even Google by surprise.

As an operating system Android offers its users a wealth of benefits including a large choice of hardware and the ability to install the apps you want to use.





The Jelly Bean Upgrade

The release of the latest Jellybean 4.3 upgrade has brought even more benefits to android users. If you’re using one of the many Android mobile phones such as a Samsung Galaxy Ace and have upgraded to Jelly Bean then the benefits will be instantly apparent.

Noticeable benefits from the upgrade include improved keyboard input, improved WiFi location scanning capabilities, multiplayer gaming through Google Play and highly improved graphics as well as longer battery life. Installing the upgrade should also mean users can benefit from a more responsive touchscreen and an overall smoother and faster user experience.

Why Choose Android?

There are a number of reasons users choose Android over any other operating system and one of the major draws is the ability to run any app. If you choose an Apple device then you are locked into using apps only included in their app store. Android users also have the ability to customise features such as the home screen via third-party launchers. One of the major benefits of choosing an Android is the diversity of choice when it comes to hardware. Consumers have a range of devices available with varying screen sizes, 4G speeds and the ability to choose inexpensive budget tablets and mobile phones.

Android for Business

There are a number of benefits when it comes to available apps for Android business users and many of these business apps are free. Whether you are using a touchscreen mobile or a tablet you can access apps such as Evernote to create notepads and save images to paste into documents. The SwiftKey app allows users to simplify the process of typing on glass with its auto-correct accuracy feature. Of course you can access apps such as Office Suite Pro to create, edit and print Microsoft documents such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Android is now the platform of choice for millions of users in over 190 countries. The Apple versus Android debate will continue but Android does have visible benefits when it comes to choice of hardware available and the unlimited choice of apps users can access.

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