Everything You Need to Know About OLX

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If you are an Indian internet user, who is moderately active on online shopping stuff, you would have definitely well-known about OLX.in, which became viral in a truly negligible time-period. The website, which has now become one of the best places for selling and buying things online, is quite useful for every customer, who would like to avoid the problems of brokerage charges and related stuff in-between their deals, especially deals for selling and buying used products. OLX.in is one of the best website, where you can post your free classified advertisement in order to buy or sell your desired products in no time. As you can guess, a huge number of Indians, who also want to simplify the process, by means of using web-based technologies, will explore all your advertisements.

In addition, we should also say that the Television-based advertisement campaigns of OLX are also equally popular among customers not only because of its sole purpose but also because of the humorous way of presenting the advertisement. By the way, if you like the TV advertisements of OLX, you may subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay connected with features of OLX. Here, we would like to give you a foreword to using this service as well as how OLX.in can help you cutting off your broker fees as well as saving your precious time.

How It Works

The working process of OLX.in is as much as simple as any other methods of classified advertisement, as you might have seen on newspapers. When a user publishes an advertisement in the website, the site indexes the data, which includes some rich-media content such as images along with the contacting and location details such as email ID or the mobile number. And, when another user, who would like to buy a product, especially a second-hand product for reducing the budget, searches in the mentioned category, he/she could find out the advertisement and the user will contact the advertiser if the user is interested in the product. Isn’t that simple? If so, you can then follow the usual method of sending the product to him/her and hence receiving money. Hence, what you have saved in the process is many time as well as brokerage fees because OLX.in publishes all these advertisements without asking you a single penny but they just want to register a completely free account in the website.

How to Use OLX.in as a Seller


OLX Logo

If you would like to sell your product through OLX.in, first, you have to register a free account on the website, which will make you able to create an advertisement. While creating the advertisement, you will be able to add different information such as the title, description, and also to attach a photo of the product if you want the viewer to get the idea about the product quickly. After that, you can just publish the advertisement and start waiting for the phone call or email message from the interested buyer. If your product deal is worth it, you could receive the response in a matter of minutes or hours. In addition, if you are using the mobile application of OLX, the process becomes quite simpler than you expect, as you can use the camera to take pictures and then to upload it instantly.


So, OLX.in, is, indeed, an awesome place for buying and selling things online and where buyers meet sellers. What’s your opinion about the service? Do let us know via your valuable comments.

One thought on “Everything You Need to Know About OLX

  1. I have used it and was unsatisfied with it,Recently it was indeed shocking that people are not using dedicated property sites and were using sites like olx and quikr…..Talking about my city(Varanasi) category you will observe that the same ads are posted daily which makes difficult for one to find the new one,Property dealer have occupied the site….even i doubt that the property dealer contact the owners(when they post ad) earlier then us and the same ad is posted by property dealers now with an increase in the rate….which kills the enjoyment of online sites like this,the sole purpose of making online sites like this was to make things transparent but the objective failed.

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