3 Ways Technology Changed Gaming in the Last 10 Years

Social Gaming

Back in 70s and 80s, when gaming was in its nascent stage, a little changed each year but nowadays gaming industry changes massively every year. These days a trend gets hot for few months, then dies off eventually till the new ones takes over. Gaming companies and developers these days are under constant pressure of coming up with something new, something fresh every year. Lets see how the advent of technology took the world by a storm and revolutionized the gaming industry for good in past 10 years.

The Rise and Rise of iPhone

Something big happened six years ago. Steve Jobs unveiled the first ever iPhone in 2007.  This ushered in a new era, i.e. smartphone era where you will be hard pressed to come across someone nowadays who doesn’t have atleast some type of smartphone. From the teens to grownups to elderly, everyone and their mothers boast of their Apple and Android devices these days.   Steve Jobs

iPhone had a profound impact on the gaming industry. Along with the introduction of App Store, Steve Jobs opened the flood gates to game developers big and small by providing them a platform to sell their games  with access to hundreds of thousands of people. No longer do people have to buy gaming consoles and shell out £30 for every latest game and wait to come to their home to enjoy gaming. They can now download the latest games for less than £1 only at a click of a button. iPhone has also managed to capture attention of people who have a keen interest in casino gaming. Websites such as Win.com have some fantastic apps on AppStore where people can play slots, roulette and more. Its as good as playing in real life, probably even better. And the best part is one can game on the go, whether you are sitting inside a car or outside the lawn. How cool is that? All thanks to this multi purpose device called iPhone.

Social Gaming

Social Gaming

What followed iPhone was the rise of social media especially Facebook. Social media coupled with gaming soared in popularity. The ability to play with your friends, invite friends and share latest gaming updates with them lead to massive popularity of games like Farmsville and Candy Crush. The subsequent rise of other smartphones devices such as Android in the mean only made this bigger.  Although social media is on a decline but it certainly did enthrall people and garner their attention for atleast a couple of years.

Motion Capture Control

Xbox Kinect didn’t really have one of the best starts. It was released along with Xbox 360 and didn’t really make it very big but it certainly played a part in inspiring consoles like Wii to bring motion capture technology to the world. Kinect for Windows is soon expected to come out. Instead of just using our fingers and mashing those game buttons, we can throw our whole body into it. It will be a matter of time where we will have the ability to teleport ourselves into these gaming virtual world. Probably still long off but the possibility cannot be denied looking how technology has shaped up in last decade or so.

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