Top 5 Tips to Create an Original and Unique Blog

With the current unprecedented growth of Internet users worldwide, it can safely be assumed that a new blog crops up every second. There are tens if not hundreds of blogs for every topic under the sun. So how does one create a unique original blog in the face of such fierce competition? Most bloggers fail simply because they try to “reinvent the wheel” in an effort to appear original. Such an approach is actually an exercise in futility since everything about almost everything has already been discovered, discussed, and probably published somewhere. The only way to be original is by adopting a unique approach to a given topic – an approach that allows the blogger to stand out as an authority or a reliable source of information in the field. Here are five useful tips to create a blog that stands out from millions of other blogs out there.

1. Create a blog with a unique personality

The aim is not to create another blog in an already saturated topic but to create a reliable source of information with a unique voice and personality. The first step is obviously to choose a unique topic which the blogger is conversant with. It is also easier to write about a topic one has a special interest in than a completely alien topic chosen on the basis of its popularity or monetizing potential. Stick out from the crowded blogosphere by choosing a unique topic. It also helps the blogger to check the domain name and come up with a unique blog url that is easy to rank in search engines. With a unique topic, it is also easy to write in a unique voice either as an active participant in matters being discussed or simply as a humorous observer of events. To the audience, such a blog is always refreshing to read because it portrays an original personality.

2. Provide value

There is a common saying in blogosphere about content being king. Content with value is actually a mandatory requirement for any blogger hoping to publish a blog that sticks out from the rest of the blogging crowd. It is essential to have useful content that impacts the blog’s audience in one way or another. The blog’s content should not only be interesting but help people solve a problem too. It should be content that improves people’s lives rather than rehashed versions of useless information found everywhere in the Internet. There is nothing that offends readers more than reading the same content about a given topic in every other blog.


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3. Have a unique blog design

Besides content, the design aspect of the blog will make it appear unique and original to visitors. Creating a blog with a unique design should not necessarily be a huge investment project aimed at getting a highly customized design. It is easy to use a default WordPress or Blogger theme and tweak it with unique colours, layout, and logo. The objective is to make the blog visually appealing. The use of eye-catching pictures, embedded videos, charts, and diagrams will be very helpful in grabbing the attention of visually oriented visitors besides making your blog look original.

4. Have a unique blog title and “About” page.

It is advisable to present information differently from the way others do it by adopting new angles, providing personal opinions, or even playing the devil’s advocate just to provoke readers’ reactions. This will not only make the content interesting but original too. Simply said, communicating in a crystal clear manner makes one’s blog easier to read and unique too. Another simple way of achieving unique and effective communication is by using creative titles that draw readers to the blog post. Having a blog with an intriguing title is an effective way of drawing more traffic from search engines and social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter besides giving the blog an original unique appearance. Most major search engines favour blog titles in their ranking criteria. This is why it is important to have unique but keyword rich titles which have preferably fewer than ten words in length.
The “About” page which is often overlooked is an important element that describes the uniqueness of the blog owner. The page should state in a few words why the blog owner deserves to be listened by his or her readers and the unique benefits readers expect to get from the blog. It should therefore be a well executed page that is unlike all the other “About” pages in similar blogs.

5. Build credibility

A credible blogger will always stand above the rest of the competing crowd. There are several factors that help to build credibility in blogosphere. For instance consistency in posting depicts one as a serious blogger who can be trusted in keeping readers updated on a given topic. Credibility is also built by interacting with one’s readers through comments and replies. It is important to allow comments in a blog in order to interact more with readers.

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