The Rapid Growth in Mobile Gaming Industry

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The love for playing video games has always existed since time in memorial. This passion has played a huge role in encouraging evolution and transformation to the gaming world. Today, people are being drawn to playing mobile games as opposed to PC games. This trend has led to the rise in the sales numbers of smartphones.

We all know that the cost of some of these Smartphones can sometimes be on the higher end. There are even a few of them that require insurance covers. This though has not halted the tremendous growth. People still continue to purchase these gadgets thereby creating more opportunities for mobile game developers. There is a strong relationship between the gaming industry and Smartphones.

mobile gaming 1

The economic boom in the gaming industry

Ever since the introduction of Smartphones into the mobile phone industry, the gaming world transformed drastically. Economically, the market for these games grew vastly and contributed to the rise in revenues. These games include the likes of Slotomania, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Flappy Birds and more. A number of market researches have revealed an increase in the sales of video games on tablets and Smartphones. Every 4-5 years, the sales numbers have always doubled and between the years 2014-2015, the sales figures are expected reach a high of $1.5 billion. The free games are also contributing to the spectrum. In as much as they are labelled as free for customers, these games are originally purchased into the game apps.

The popular some of the games triggers growth in the industry

The introduction of multiplayer games changed the entire outlook of the gaming world. The fact that people could play a video game with their friends in real time transformed the way people looked at and played games. Most of these games depend on the players to do the marketing of them and players tend to share information with their friends. Some companies such as CHILLINGO and Big Fish rarely spend anything in their marketing campaigns but their games still top the charts. Their secret is to use one of their current apps to promote their new app.

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The quality of the games 

Most of the game developed for Smartphones and tablets are of the highest quality. These devices tend to have a 2G/3G/4G network connection which support their operations. When developing the games, developers design games according to these connections and test them qualitatively to guarantee quality. These games are tested in worst scenario cases such as under a tunnel or even in a train to determine their efficiency. A new technology that is currently being adapted in game developing is the use of HTML5. It is efficient yet as it lacks the ability to work on high end games and tends to have issues with performance.

Scopes and Exposures 

A new trend that is steadily catching on with game developers relates to the appointment of certified psychologists and the provision of tutorials for cases that have to do with the game start issues. This can all be attributed to the fact that the first half of the playing session is often characterized by players remaining hooked to the game such that it increases their probability of becoming paid gamers in future. The popularity of free games is well documented because we all love freebies. With that said, this segment is the one responsible for generating the highest revenue.


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