Sports Teams Score Big with Barcode Scanning Technology

Barcode Scanning

Football stadiums, baseball fields, basketball arenas, hockey rinks, and many other sports team homes have other functions when they are not being utilized for sporting and athletic events. The Arizona Cardinals stadium, for instance, is often used to host a variety of concerts, shows, conventions, and other events that require spacious seating and a multitude of different equipment pieces. Many events conducted take place off-campus with over 200 different destination events taking place on an annual basis – all of which require the successful transportation to and from event destinations. In order to pull off this somewhat chaotic schedule, facility event leaders must work with extremely expensive equipment such as televisions, television cameras, microphones, structuring, and large speakers. On a single day, over $100,000 worth of technological equipment and other event equipment is used to produce the activities that take place at sports stadiums or that are related to sports stadiums.



With equipment flying around that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, one would think that an organized tracking system was already set in place. However, most people are surprised to find out that the organized and meticulous tracking of sports arena equipment was only just recently implemented. Before the implementation of barcodes and barcode scanners, the transportation crew simply did their best and “hoped for the best,” so to speak. Obviously, this led to a number of unexplained disappearances of extremely expensive equipment, some of which may have been stolen or simply lost due to inaccurate and inefficient tracking systems. After all, some sports stadiums host up to three or four events in a single day – it would be nearly impossible to keep track of equipment without advanced technology. It was equally difficult to determine when further rented equipment was needed when two schedules turned out to be conflicting.


Barcode Scanning


The Need for Solutions

Unfortunately, frequently disappearing pieces of equipment created tension among management and staff due to “finger pointing” and other unproductive and unnecessary drama among employees. Since there was no way to tell who had what item most recently, there was no way to prove where an item had gone, how it had vanished, or who was responsible for the neglect. An item or two per week might not seem like a big deal, but these items quickly add up to equate to thousands of dollars of valuable, quality equipment necessary for the stadium functioning.

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Sports stadiums quickly became frustrated with the state of events described above and began seeking new solutions involving mobile inventory and tracking technologies, i.e. the barcode and barcode scanner.


Solutions Defined

The majority of sports and athletics stadiums around the country now use barcodes and barcode scanning systems to keep track of major equipment and inventory important items at regular intervals. One management official stated that “portability was a priority,” and that mobile barcode scanning systems allowed the flexibility, freedom, and mobility necessary to run massive stadium events on a day in and day out basis. As mentioned above, there were no preexisting and accurate recording methodologies used to inventory sports stadium equipment before the introduction of barcodes and barcode scanners in the field (no pun intended). Thanks to the advanced technology used in barcode equipment, such as the equipment provided by Shopify, sports stadium faculty are able to know exactly where everything is at all times by accessing reference numbers and department members with ease. Not only does inventory provide organization for stadium crews, but it also acts as an obvious deterrent toward potential robberies. Other valuable benefits of barcode labeling systems include but are not limited to:

  • Stadium faculty can now access important information at a far more efficient speed than before. Instead of digging around in dark storage compartments with flashlights in hand, stadium faculty can now simply do a search on a digital inventory system and find the exact location therein.
  • Most barcode systems are very affordable, especially considering the fact that quality systems are made to last.
  • Speaking of items that are “made to last,” barcodes and barcode scanners are designed to store important information for years to come. Medical professionals and other professionals dealing with sensitive information trust barcodes and barcode scanners to safely store information. In fact, barcode scanners may even provide a safer way to store records than the traditional method of storing papers on site.

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