How a Mobile Phone Signal Booster Works

A mobile phone signal booster is a rather complicated machine that is designed specifically to amplify the signal available in a general location and transmit it to a specific area such as inside a residence or a commercial building. The amplification of the mobile signal is its main purpose so that the devices that are used inside the premises enjoy uninterrupted conversations and interactions online and on their mobile phones.

The problem

Reports state that today, 80% of the current population of the world has cellular phone coverage and the demand is just rising. The number of base stations has not yet kept up with the number of people using their services. Signal provision has not yet reached peak efficiency, and so patchy or weak signal is a common problem for mobile phone users who have to put up with dropped calls whenever they are inside their homes or office buildings.




Fortunately, cell reception can be improved using advanced technological devices such as the signal booster. Dead zones and weak signals are terms that become obsolete when a booster system is in place. Missed calls and unsent messages also become a thing of the past.

How the booster works

Although the elements of a mobile phone signal booster comprise a complex system, the underlying premise behind it is quite straightforward. In order to boost mobile phone reception it acquires the available signal from outside and then processes it such that it increases signal strength enough to support the needs of everyone inside the building.




What the signal booster is made of

There are three components that make up a typical cell signal booster. These are the external antenna, internal antenna, and amplifier.
The external antenna is typically placed on the roof since this is the most likely place where the signal from the base station is strong. It is important to find a spot where the signal is strongest. The better the outside signal the device gets to work with the better the reception inside the building.




The second component is the internal antenna. The function of this part of the signal booster is to broadcast the amplified signal within the enclosed space of the house or building. The signal from this component of the booster is the one picked up by the smartphones, tablets, and laptops used by the people residing or working inside.

The third component of a signal booster is the amplifier. This is a crucial component since it is the part of the device that boosts the signal. A high performance amplifier will have no trouble strengthening the signal. The best amplifiers can improve the signal strength such that strength is consistently high throughout the whole interior. If the amplifier does its job well, communication via 3G, GSM and Wi-Fi will never be problematic for everyone inside the building.

The latest in booster technology

These days, smart digital devices that can boost even the weakest signal are already available. They are a bit more expensive, but they can boost reception for both voice and data communication. Mobile networks provide these intelligent mobile signal boosters and radiation to their customers.

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