Cyanogen Chooses New Email Client Boxer


Cyanogen, the initiative that wants to make Android much more open than Google ever could, has added a new email app to its software suite as an alternative to the search giant’s built in Gmail app (and the community built version that had a series of issues itself). They have chosen Boxer, a free email client on iOS and Android, as their bundled email app for their next builds – giving Cyanogen users great new ways to customize their email experience.

Boxer advertises itself as “A Better Inbox” – and apparently this claim is very true, considering its ease of use and the many ways it can be customized. It adapts to the way users work with their email – they can tailor any aspect of their inbox to their personal preferences, getting more done in less time. Users can even customize the way swipes work to their own needs – like swiping left will archive the email, and swiping to the far left will mark it as spam (if the messages that insist for you to play at the best online casino Australia become far too annoying), and so on. The app supports custom folders and folder combinations, aliases, priorities and to-do lists, bulk actions, custom notification sounds and many other interesting and useful features Google unfortunately didn’t build into its own email client. And to be better, Boxer supports a series of email services (including Gmail, of course), and can even work with social networks and cloud storage services.


Cyanogen Email, the client shipped with Cyanogen for years, will become a part of the platform’s secure messaging client. which will encrypt all messages sent to other Cyanogen users or TextSecure by default. The new email client powered by Boxer will be branded Cyanogen Email, and will be built to match the firmware’s look and feel. Cyanogen users will get the user experience offered by Boxer to its “pro” users, with support for multiple accounts, Exchange, custom alerts and gestures, cloud storage integration and more.

Why does Cyanogen want to build an alternative to Google’s Android, you might ask. Well, Cyanogen is far from being satisfied with the way Google handles Android. According to them, the search giant focuses the allegedly open source operating system too much around its own services, leaving users with far from enough possibilities to make their own choices. The fact that Google bundles its Gmail app with its operating system is a great example for this policy. The goal of Cyanogen is to create a more open version of Android, with much more choices to be made by the user – and for this it needs more partners like Boxer in the future.

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