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Online Store

I’m a full-time blogger/writer who never thought it would have been possible for me to design my own web store. But fate forced me to figure it out, and once I found WixStores, I was shocked to discover that I could do it myself. Let’s not give me too much credit here; WixStores just makes it really easy.

Online Store

I would describe myself as something of a Luddite. Even though most of the work I do is online, it’s strictly writing that I do. I learned to type on a typewriter, and the skill just translated over to a laptop as the years went on. I always hired someone else to design my blog and associated web store for me. But last year I couldn’t afford to hire a web design person, and I had a product that needed to be sold. With no way to sell it and make the money I needed, I was forced to figure it out myself. Turns out, designing my web store with WixStores ended up being the easiest thing I did that day. Here are the 3 things I like best about WixStores, and why I recommend them to everybody.

  • WixStores Just Works. I really appreciate it when technology just makes sense. It’s why I’m able to use a smartphone or a tablet. When I pick them up, I just know what to click, and it works like I expect. WixStores is the same way. When you get on their website, you see in Big Friendly Letters “Create Your Store”. When you sign up (which took me just a couple of minutes), you are taken step by step through the process of designing your store. WixStores gives you really helpful prompts whenever you need them. I never felt flustered or confused.
  • WixStores Has Great Support. The WixStores help center was a lifesaver to me on one specific occasion. I wanted to go back and change something after my webstore was already active. I didn’t know if that was set in stone or not, but a trip to the Help Center page gave me my answer in no time. Much more than simply giving me the answer I needed, the Help Center had a lot of tutorials and walk-throughs. I spent another 15 minutes reading, and soon I was able to add a lot of great elements to my store that I hadn’t the first time around. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time reading the help center, and I think I’m something of an expert when it comes to WixStores.
  • WixStores Has Great Apps. I was nervous that WixStores would be difficult to use with ways I have accepted money in the past. I shouldn’t have worried. I’ve been able to link my web store with every other online platform I use, like Paypal. I’ve also found handy apps for sales and couponing that make my customers really happy.

At the end of the day, I have a better web store than I think I could have bought from someone else. And I appreciate it all the more because I designed it myself. There seems to be a lot more to WixStores than what I’ve used, but even with the limited skills I’ve developed, I think my web store looks world class. I think you’ll have the same experience.

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