Top 3 Reasons Why a Windows 10 Phone is a Good Choice

Windows 10 Phone

Microsoft prepares the release of its biggest update to its desktop and mobile operating systems in the last few years, one which will be a game-changer: Windows 10. Actually, it’s not too accurate to speak of the two separately – basically they will be two different formats of the same operating system, which will allow the same apps to run on both, and one to transform into another – but you have most likely read about them in the news lately. But Microsoft has not been a great success when it comes to phones, having to make do with the third place (and a meager 3% of the global mobile OS market) in the last few years. It doesn’t have as many apps as its competitors, and its user base is minuscule compared to them. So, why would you choose a Windows 10 Phone in the future? Here are three of the best reasons for that.

1. Large and uniform handset offer

Similar to Apple, Microsoft is the one who designs its own phones running the Windows 10 operating system. The number of new Windows Phone devices that were released in the last few months is high, and the models range from cheap, entry level handsets with a few premium features to an upcoming flagship to be launched later this year. And even the upper mid-range handsets eligible for running Windows 10 are affordable compared to similar models from other manufacturers.

So, with Windows Phone, you will be able to buy a phone of your choice, fit for your budget and your needs, and experience the smooth operation of a well designed hardware and a software perfectly fit for it, and have a Royal online experience in the meantime.

Windows 10 Phone

2. Universal Apps

This is one of the best reasons for choosing the Windows 10 for Phones – it will allow the same apps to work across all devices running the operating system, smartphones and the Xbox One console included. This will offer users a uniform experience across all their devices, and a seamless cooperation between the devices themselves. Just think of how many times you needed to install a program to download the pictures from your phone. This will not be needed when Windows 10 is released.

3. Windows Phone is the only mobile OS built with phones in mind

All the major operating systems available on smartphones today seem to offer a portable replica of the PC desktop, with icons, notifications and such. Windows Phone is the only one that not just looks, but also feels like a phone when used. The Live Tiles work like a charm on a Windows Phone, offering you information while also acting as shortcuts to apps, and there are many other features that make the Microsoft mobile OS the best choice for phones.

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