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Wrike Integration

Are you looking for a way to collaborate with your employees or business partners? What about collaborating with both, together? Well, you’re just a step away from the best virtual environment where you can actually combine project management with a real-time work space for collaboration, document sharing, and discussing. All this can happen with Wrike – a new way to manage projects with a team, other employees, and partners.

With Wrike, you can work smarter and get things done faster. Wrike provides a brand new environment to manage projects and communicate with your team. Take a look at how Wrike works:

1. Create a simple task to get started

Wrike Task

Once you create a task, you can assign the relevant individuals to that task. Here, you can share anything you want to share with your team members. You can even split a big project into small subtasks so it’s easier to track progress. This project management software provides an intuitice interface so your team can adapt quickly. With this project management tool, you can easily communicate across your team and recieve project updates quickly and seamlessly.

2. Special Mention

Wrike Mention

Just put @ sign before the name of that particular user and you will be able to instant notify him in a comment.. Wrike even allows you to communicate and share tasks with collaborators outside your company.

3. Simple Integration

Wrike Integration

Wrike integrates with several major platforms including Google Drive, Gmail, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Zapier, and many more. You can easily use of all of these business tools within the Wrike platform, so you don’t need to leave this app while performing your task.

Amazed yet? Wrike is a special project management software where teams can share things inside a secure, virtual environment.

Furthermore, with Wrike, you can actually work smarter. You can see your team members, the tasks that are distributed among them, have control of your work, track time of every member of your team, and much more. All in all, it’s a completely professional project management tool that’s easy to use for the whole team.

Wrike Share

Wrike is available in three types of subscriptions. Free trial version for beginners, Professional version and Enterprise version. The following snapshot will give you more information about the pricing of this online project management software.

Wrike Plans

Fortunately, Wrike is also available as an app for Android and iOS users. You can download Wrike for Android and Wrike for iOS by following the given links. The apps make it easy to keep track of projects on-the-go.

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