The LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 – My Personal Review

Mobile Privacy Status

LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 is a mobile privacy protection tool developed by LEOMASTER. It is efficient mobile internet security software that resolves common issues. It contains security solutions such as Safe Box, WiFi Security Scan, Privacy Security Scan, Anti-theft, Shortcut Assistant, and Break-in Alert. The functions feature source privacy protection as well as integrated core functions. When compared with the earlier versions, the LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 adapts to common user habits and hence, it applies to all aspect of life.

Ease of Usage Mobile Privacy Status with a Simple Scan

On top of additional private chats that can be stored and protected with this tool, it also safeguards videos, text messages, pictures, recordings and other classified information. With this application, people quickly learn the mobile privacy application through its user-friendly Scan LEO Privacy Guard. The LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 offers a status privacy scan that quickly identifies potential risks in your phone. It also provides a solution to optimize if it detects any potential security and privacy threats. Users are just required to follow the available process with ease.

Mobile Privacy Status

Wi-Fi Privacy

We use Wi-Fi to browse the internet, send emails, receive emails, watch videos or shop online. All your private activities may be exposed to hackers as you perform them. The first step in safeguarding this crucial information over a Wi-Fi is not carelessly connecting with unknown networks. However, the LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 solves this by offering a Wi-Fi Security service. The function monitors Wi-Fi connection security as well as SSL encryption. It also has the potential to identify and recommend blocking insecure connections in advance. That is crucial to preventing your information exposure.

Anti-theft Function

The panic of losing a mobile phone is pretty common among the users. People also panic when they are not sure where their phones are. With this application, users have no reason to worry that their information will be exposed or stolen. The LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 Anti-theft function can locate and lock the phone as well as delete any private data after such a threat. That also enables users to track their lost handsets. Additionally, its Break-in Alert identifies and shoots photos of trespassers after exceeding the maximum limit of wrong passwords. With that, you will know who is snooping on your phone.

The updated features are making users very happy with this latest version. The improved colors of the new LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 are a dramatic change. It has maintained the original blue but also integrated five major features into its primary interface in a clear as well as the straightforward manner and is quite easy to operate. After incorporating new colors, the latest scanning advancement bar, and the animation icon, its operation becomes elegant. The process is also made more smooth and efficient.

The release of the LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 is a significant transformation and also highlights the common privacy issues around for mobile internet enthusiast. The painstakingly designed software from the LEOMASTER is an important milestone and has turned out to be a benchmark in the industry of mobile internet security.

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