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Modern Gaming: The Basics of Bitcoin Betting

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Oh Bitcoin, we love you. You never gave up hope, and we never lost faith in your ability to pay for all sorts of cool stuff. Today, did you know that you can bet with Bitcoin? It’s true. The cryptocurrency, itself being something of a gamble, is now helping UK resident ante up. Here’s how […]

How to Play Cool Online Games for Free


Technology brings everything at your doorstep. Nowadays, one can not spend a day without using technology and its devices. There are thousands of new smartphones, tablets and other tech devices are being launched every passing days in the tech planet. With the use of technology, you can play your favourite games on different devices. We […]

3 Ways Technology Changed Gaming in the Last 10 Years

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Back in 70s and 80s, when gaming was in its nascent stage, a little changed each year but nowadays gaming industry changes massively every year. These days a trend gets hot for few months, then dies off eventually till the new ones takes over. Gaming companies and developers these days are under constant pressure of […]

How to Play Poker on the Internet?

Texas Holdem Poker

Playing games online have become more popular these days. Playing poker through internet is a very good way to expertise oneself in it. There are end numbers of websites which helps to improve ones skills and the ability to play. People can play poker against thousands of better players online. Playing with other better players […]

Texas Holdem – One of the Most Popular Online Games

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem poker which had a humble start in the casinos of Las Vegas has now become one of the most popular poker games worldwide. It is now widely played by people both in online poker sites and in casinos now. Even in popular social networking sites like Face book Texas Holdem Poker attracts over […]

Wikipad – An Android Tablet For Gamers

First of all before you proceed to read below, the android tablet named “Wikipad” is not associated with Wikipedia in any way! . Android is running on everything , from phones to Smart TV’s and there are millions of android devices out there capable of running games, but android miserably fails as a gaming device […]

Amazing Alex Gameplay – Hands On Review !

Amazing Alex – the latest game by rovio is out on Google Play and iTunes. We were eagerly expecting it’s arrival since rovio acquired the rights for the game , Casey’s contraptions, so here is a quick hands on review on amazing alex gameplay. Once you download the app from the respective app stores and fire it […]

Battlefield – Bad Company 2

This is yet another amazing first-person shooter released by Electronic Arts Inc. Bad Company 2 is considered to be the best of the Battlefield series. The amount of destructibility in this game is huge! That’s what contributes the most to the awesomeness of this game. Its also got: Seriously addictive online multiplayer Well designed campaign […]

Play PS2 Games On PC

You can play Playstation 2 games on pc. But you need a monster computer. I mean a computer with more RAM, Graphics card, and processor frequency. You can emulate PS2 games on normal computer but the game is going to be very slow. I think a Intel Xeon Processor will run PS2 games smoothly. To […]

Games You Should Play: Counter-Strike:Source

Overview: Counter-Strike: Source (or CS:S) is a first-person shooter developed and published by the Valve corporation.  It is a complete revamp of it’s original predecessor Counter-Strike and was released in 2004. The game is still played by hundred’s of thousands of gamers today and is even used by some foreign countries as a terrorist conflict […]