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Wondershare Video Editor Review & Giveaway

Wondershare Video Editor

Wondershare Video Editor Review & Giveaway: Photography has changed the entire world. It’s always there to make your moment immortal. Fortunately, this era has got a number of tech gadgets that offer all kinds of features and functions related to photography and it needs. There are many kinds of digital cameras available to capture photos and […]

CodeLobster PHP Edition Review

Codelobster PHP Edition

CodeLobster PHP Edition Review: PHP is a very popular language these days and almost every new project is being typed in this programming language due to its light weight and ultra high portability, though it lacks on security. Those who want to start learning the PHP look for some IDE because PHP itself doesn’t come with any […]

Standard or High-Yield Ink Cartridges Which Is Better


Before you purchased your printer, you did your research. You compared pricing and print-yield, weighed black-and-white versus color and considered other aspects. Finally, you selected the printer you thought offered the best value for your money. Now you’re about to replace your ink cartridges for the first time, and you find yourself facing another set […]

Google Maps Standalone App For iOS 6 [Review]


All we ever needed from a navigating system was accuracy and functionality, and that’s exactly what Google Maps have delivered to its consumers. With the launch of Google maps on Apple operating systems it has become a lot easier for a person to navigate all the routes with just a single touch on products enabled […]

Top 3 Android Phones


When it comes to mobile phones it can be difficult to know exactly what you need and which are the best on the market. Here is a guide to three of the best phones on the market at the moment. First off we have the LG Optimus G, this fantastic looking phone has the specs […]

Preventing Data Loss: Tips for Saving Documents


A computer crash is nothing new, but far too many people take the easy way out and cross their fingers, hoping it never happens to them. But a computer crashing and wiping out your data isn’t the only accident that can befall your important documents, photos and media. Computer theft, natural disasters and hacking are […]

Who Is Using Email Marketing?


Traditionally when one thinks of email marketing they think of internet marketers promoting their products and services. However, email marketing entails much more than just pushing products and is a great way to provide valuable information to your customers in the form of an email newsletter (company news, industry news, and tips pertaining to your […]

Why SQL Is Not Suited for the Cloud and What Is NuoDB

SQL In the data world, SQL is a relation-based, data model, and the most common means used to retrieve and manipulate data. Predicates, clauses, expressions and queries that are all used in SQL data management system have made it abundantly popular and user friendly. But this traditional data management system suffers serious of limitations, including: […]

Save Your Money With Discount Codes For All Online Purchases In UK


e-Commerce is something which makes the life easy. People now a days prefer online purchases because they can view a lot of variety products instantly and without moving from a place, which can’t be done if they go to a shopping mall. Even shop owners want to take their business online, that’s why they release […]

Wikipad – An Android Tablet For Gamers

First of all before you proceed to read below, the android tablet named “Wikipad” is not associated with Wikipedia in any way! . Android is running on everything , from phones to Smart TV’s and there are millions of android devices out there capable of running games, but android miserably fails as a gaming device […]