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Top 10 Google Chrome Plugins

Google chrome is the drastic growth showing browser in the market . Its usage us increasing over day by day , and it seems to be the speediest web browser . Plugins makes an important part in its growth . It has millions of plugins for speed , security , easy browsing experiance and fun […]

Make Money By URL Shortening

Now there is a one more way to make money online. This time it’s URL shortening. Yes, you can earn money when someone uses your shrinked URL, that is shrinked via is a free URL shortening service with a good twist – helps you to make money. You can shorten the links which […]

Windows 2013 – A Flabbergasting OS

After its successful version Of Windows 7, Microsoft has undertaken the development of  the best ever Operating System, namely the Windows 8 (also known as Win 2013). Windows 8 ‘ll unanimously become the choice of all  computer users, especially because of its paralyzing appearance. Logon  Screen: Similar to the yester-version of Windows, Win 8 has also modified […]

Top 10 Facebook Applications

With 500 million users , Facebook has become the craze of all internet users . It has lot of applications , which makes Facebook more addictive and helps in eatrning too . On an average a Facebook user is active at atleast 3 applications . Based on monthly active user data , i would like […]

Google Gravity

Google always has many interesting things to do in it. Ricardo Cabello a designer/developer has created Google Gravity. This is a fun-filled thing, that makes the object in Google elements to fall down, due to force of gravity. You can enjoy throwing all links, text boxes, buttons, search results around the browser window. Do what […]

Apple iPad2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs Black berry Playbook

Tablets are getting much popular . Apple as soon as its release of ipad2 got a whole lot of competitors . Samsung Galaxy Tab gaining a huge lot of attention and Black berry Play book has created a market for its own . I would like to compare  these top  tablets of market . I […]

Top 5 Tablet 2011

1.Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 : I have already made a detailed post on samsung galaxy tab8.9 & 10.1 . I would like to rate this as the top tablet PC of the year , because  of its Bang release and brand new features. Samsung claimed it to be the thinnest Tablet of the world . […]

Google Music

Google music is a streaming service . Users could access it from Web-connected devices .It is close to being ready but is being held up by a lack of content.People say the  delays are largely due to the fact that Google is negotiating for cloud music rights .There is a talk that it would be […]

Create Fake Tweets [TweetForger]

TweetFoger is used to create a crazy tweet , share it with your friends and make them fall in with surprise . Its a funny thing that makes it appear as if a Twitter user has tweeted something.Pick a user ,  type what  you want the forged tweet to say , create a forged tweet […]

Top 10 Google products

Google is worth $190 billion. It was found by Larry page and Sergey Brin . Its head quarters is at California, United States . It is rated as the world’s best spot to work ,It has over 24,000 employees. Since 2001, Google has acquired many companies . Ninety-nine percent of Google’s revenue is derived from […]