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4 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About GIS


GIS, meaning geographic information systems, is a term that does not get bandied about a lot. The field is quite tech-oriented, though, and people in GIS do practically anything, from helping to save endangered animals to improving health care. It Helps People Better Understand History Race and racism are two topics at the forefront of […]

The LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 – My Personal Review

Mobile Privacy Status

LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 is a mobile privacy protection tool developed by LEOMASTER. It is efficient mobile internet security software that resolves common issues. It contains security solutions such as Safe Box, WiFi Security Scan, Privacy Security Scan, Anti-theft, Shortcut Assistant, and Break-in Alert. The functions feature source privacy protection as well as integrated core […]

Why Should You Opt for Online Payments?

Online Payments

In this technology driven world, every major industry is getting online. The main reason for the same is that it might be difficult to manage the debt effectively and orderly. It is necessary because it keeps you aligned with financial matters on timely basis. Moreover, online payments reduce paper work so it is easy to […]

Cyanogen Chooses New Email Client Boxer


Cyanogen, the initiative that wants to make Android much more open than Google ever could, has added a new email app to its software suite as an alternative to the search giant’s built in Gmail app (and the community built version that had a series of issues itself). They have chosen Boxer, a free email […]

How It Works: P2P Sharing Made Simple

Peer to Peer Sharing

Some Peer-to-peer or P2P file sharing applications may have developed a bad reputation among many computer users. While there are some disreputable P2P file sharing applications, tracker sites, and users, the practice itself is perfectly legal and has many legitimate uses. The software and programming that run P2P file sharing apps are very sophisticated. However, […]

How to Plan for Data Center Capacity

Data Center

Physical space is often a primary consideration for many companies shifting from an in-house data center to an offsite colocation center. As the company grows and the need for additional servers and equipment increases, many small businesses discover that the dedicated closet or back storage room is no longer adequate. The question then becomes “How […]

The Desktop Fights Back in 2015

Desktop PC

In 2014, productivity was officially emancipated from the office environment. The database burst from its desktop shackles like a number-guzzling hulk. Emails prowled in the shadows of our smartphone notification lists, one tap away from unleashing a stream of off-the-clock dilemmas. Wi-Fi finally became near-widespread, and 4G flourished. But however sleek, portable and omnipotent they […]

How a Mobile Phone Signal Booster Works

A mobile phone signal booster is a rather complicated machine that is designed specifically to amplify the signal available in a general location and transmit it to a specific area such as inside a residence or a commercial building. The amplification of the mobile signal is its main purpose so that the devices that are […]

The Impact of Technology in Travel

Technology and Travel

In today’s fast-paced, modern world, our vacation time often seems more precious than ever before. Technology has a long history with leisure; inventions like flight changed the scope of vacations, and the emergence of computing technology created a sea change in the way that we arrange and execute our trips. Now, the ever-present forward march […]

Sports Teams Score Big with Barcode Scanning Technology

Barcode Scanning

Football stadiums, baseball fields, basketball arenas, hockey rinks, and many other sports team homes have other functions when they are not being utilized for sporting and athletic events. The Arizona Cardinals stadium, for instance, is often used to host a variety of concerts, shows, conventions, and other events that require spacious seating and a multitude […]