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Redirecting Pages

You can redirect pages using cpanel, you can use cpanel to redirect from one directory to another using wild card. You will learn about this, in this video tutorial.

IP Denying In Cpanel – Tutorial 9

Getting too many spam? Just trace spammer’s IP and block them from visiting your website.

Password Protecting Directories – Tutorial 8

In this video, you will learn how to password protect directories in cpanel and also you will learn how to remove password for a protected directory.

Changing Cpanel Theme – Tutorial 7

This is a video tutorial in which you can learn how to change themes for cpanel and how to get back to default theme.

Taking Backup in Cpanel

This video is the first video with voice narration, so please bare with it. This video will show you how to take backup of your files in cpanel and how to restore them.

Uploading Files Via FTP – Tutorial 5

In this video we are going to see how to setup an FTP(File Transfer Protocol) and upload your files. FTP helps you to upload files without going into to your Cpanel.

Setting up an auto responder in Cpanel – Tutorial 4

Auto responders are very useful. People may contact you during your sleeping hours, even then this auto responder will responder to their email. It will ask them to wait for 24 hours or whatever mail your set up while creating this. Hope I confused you all. Let’s get clear by watching this video:

Setting Up an E-mail forwarder in Cpanel – Tutorial 3

Forwarder helps you to get a copy of email to another account. So that if your host in problem, you can view the message at another account like gmail, ymail etc. This video shows how to setup an Forwarder

Creating An E-mail account in Cpanel – Tutorial 2

Creating A Database in CPanel – Tutorial 1

This videos shows you how to create a database in Cpanel.