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Styling Lists – Tutorial 8

Lists Lists are of two types – Ordered List and Unordered List Unordered lists are the list items marked with bullets and ordered lists are the list items marked with numbers or letters. A list(either a ordered or unordered) should contain a list items. Each item are marked with <li> tag eg <ul> <li>home</li> <li>Contact</li> […]

Creating Link Hover – Tutorial 7

Links Links are created in HTML just by using the anchor tags. In default the links appear in a dark blue color. You can change this using CSS. I think you know how to change the font color. If not go back CSS tutorial 5. Where we had a discussion about Styling Texts. What is […]

Styling Textbox and Button – Tutorial 6

Forms You can see most of the websites have an member area, where you can login. To login you type in a username and password in a textbox and click login using a button. If you have seen carefully some website have a designed the buttons and the textbox. You can do this using a […]

Inserting Background Image – Tutorial 5

Background Image You can use a image as background by using background-image property in CSS. You can increase or decrease the image’s size to make it fit the element, or container. If your images is smaller than the container or element, by default the image repeats vertically and horizontally, so that it can cover the […]

Styling Fonts – Tutorial 4

Fonts Fonts are nothing but just a text. What you read here is a font. Font has many attributes like size, family, thickness, decoration etc. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to change these attributes in CSS. There are six heading tags in HTML, H1 is going to be the biggest one […]

Using Margin, Border, Padding And Float – Tutorial 3

Using Margin In CSS If you like to make a margin for a container or DIV, we can use Margin in CSS to make this. You can use margin like this, #content_left { width:100px; margin:0px; } This coding makes your DIV without an margin. If you replace 0 with some other value, it will make […]

Div ID and Div Class – Tutorial 2

ID & Class, Attaching CSS With HTML In is chapter, I would like to tell you about the IDs &amp; Classes, and also I like to differentiate them, which is very important in CSS. Before learning CSS, you should be clear with these stuffs. What is  ID and CLASS? DIV is a HTML tags that […]

Introduction to CSS – Tutorial 1

Introduction To CSS We can’t write an essay without knowing ABC so, before we start learning CSS, I would like to give you a nice and a short Intro to CSS. Let’s start with what is CSS? What is CSS? CSS is a script used to design pages more easily. It’s is integrated with HTML […]