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Photoshop Background And Magic Eraser – Tutorial 11

In this tutorial you will learn about a basic tool in photoshop, Erasers tool. I guess everyone knows how to use an eraser in photoshop. So, this tutorial is going to be little smaller one. Now let’s begin with this easy stuff 🙂 Eraser Tool This tools is well-known to all. So everyone will know […]

History And Art History Brush Tool – Tutorial 10

In this post you are going to learn about using the History brush tool and art history brush tool. This is going to be a little long tutorial, as history brush is a tool of importance. History Brush Tool (Shortcut – Y) History Brush Tool is the tenth tool in toolbox. You can find it […]

Using Clone Stamp And Pattern Stamp – Tutorial 9

This in tutorial we are going to learn about the clone stamp and pattern stamp tool. We will be learning how to use these tools in photoshop. This is going to be a very short tutorial. OK, Le’ts get started now, Clone Stamp (Shortcut – S) Clone stamp tool is a tool that helps to […]

Using Brush, Pencil And Color Replacement Tool – Tutorial 8

In this tutorial we are going to discuss about the painting tools in photoshop. These tools are the basic ones, so there is nothing too much to talk about, so this tutorial will be a small tutorial. Now, lets get started. Brush Tool (Shortcut Key – B) Brush tool is a tools that is used […]

Using Spot Healing, Healing, Patch, and Red Eye Tool – Tutorial 7

Healing Brush Tool We are going to learn how to use healing brush tool in Photoshop. Healing Brush tool, the name itself shows that it’s used for healing the damaged area of a images. Eg. If you have a scratch you set a sample point or pattern and heal the damaged portion of the image. […]

Using Eye Dropper, Color Sampler, Notes, and ruler tools in photoshop – Tutorial 6

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about using Eye Dropper Tool, Color Sampler Tool, Notes Tool and Ruler Tool. This tutorial is going to be a lengther one as we are put 4 tools together. Ok, Now lets get started with this tutorial. Eye Dropper Tool (Shortcut – I) Eye Dropper Tools is […]

Using Slice Tool in photoshop – Tutorial 5

Slice tool tutorial is not going to be a long one, as it does not have too many thing to talk about. Slice Tool(Shortcut key -C) Slice Tools is a very important for web designers. The Slice Tool help to slice or cuts images to pieces for Web publications. In Photoshop CS3 the Slice tool […]

Using Crop Tool In Photoshop – Tutorial 4

Crop Tool(Shortcut key -C) Crop Tool is used to crop images in photoshop. Cut off some portion from the image, that you may not particularly like and focus on the section of the image that you want to highlight. Crop tool 5 icon in photoshop, you can also select crop tool by pressing C. Crop […]

Using Selection Tool In Photoshop – Tutorial 3

Selection Tool(Shortcut key -W) Quick selection tool and magic wand tool comes under this section. Quick Selection Tool This is an amazing tool used to quickly select an object. you can use it to select an object by just painting over it!! Select the quick selection tool and you will get a circular brush with […]

How to use Lasso Tools in photoshop – Tutorial 2

Lasso Tool(Shortcut Key – L) The shortcut key for selecting a marquee tool is “L“. A lasso tool is also a tool used for making selections but, the difference between marquee tool and lasso is, lasso allows freehand selections, whereas marquee allows only shapes selection. There are three types, which can be selected by right […]