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Why Use Online File Sharing Services?


We are used to move and share large files through FTP, i.e File Transfer Protocol. Not only it is unsafe but it is also fairly difficult to utilize. Online file sharing services offer a fair alternative to FTP. Large files can be transferred in a fast manner, without any trouble, thanks to the possibilities of […]

How To Ensure Your Business iPad App Meets Your Needs


In recent times, there has been drastic change in the business mindset across the world and they do realise that an iPad app can be asset to their business. However, in order to make this happen they need to have such an app, which can come handy not only in their day to day business […]

4 Ways To Prolong Computer Lifespan

The average computer will survive for around 4 years or longer if it is treated correctly. This is far longer than the average person tends to hang onto their computer. In most cases people are not demanding huge amounts from their computer other than watching videos and surfing the web. So why do people change […]

Top 5 Games Of 2011 Expected To Set The Industry On Fire


2011 is about to end, and there are many things which needs review. When right from the number of apps to games, everything’s review would appear this year. You will also be seen embarking with number of resolutions for the coming year after reviewing your past ones. Let’s begin with having a review about games […]

5 Great Twitter Tools For Blogging

Twitter has long been one the best tools that a blogger can use to get his or her blog read and noticed. Twitter not only provides an easy way to keep in touch with your readers and feed them with updates, but it also helps you find new readers by networking and getting your links […]

Binverse Premium Usenet Accounts [Giveaway]

The contest had come to an end, The winners of this contests are chosen using The winners: Anirudh & Julie Hayes. Congrats winners 🙂  This is the first contest at Geeks4share, I am excited to see the result! First of all, this contest is sponsored by Binverse. By the end of this contest, 2 […]

How To Ensure Your Broadband Internet Connection Is Not Always Slow


Have you ever wondered why your broadband internet connection is always slow? Are you used to thinking that your slow internet connection problem has something to do with your ISP or do you think you might be doing something right on your path? The funny thing about broadband internet usage today is that many people […]

Google PR Update – Geeks4share Is Now PR4 Blog

Hey everyone ! I have a great news for you. Google has updated the page rank again. Don’t forget to check your site’s pagerank. Geeks4share is now is PR 4 blog, and a do-follow comment luv blog. Which will be a real happy news. It’s a second Google page rank update after the entry of […]

Acer Iconia Tab A100

Acer introduces a new, sexy smartphone named Iconia Tab A100. Acer Iconia Tab A100 is one of the first 7″ devices running Android Honeycomb. It is amazingly stylish and has got many attracting features. Its 16:9 full touch screen supports multi-touch. It is equipped with 1 GHz NVIDIA  Tegra 2 Processor, Wi-fi, Front and rear […]