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How to Build Google Panda & Penguin Friendly Backlinks for Your Site

Backlink Building

Tired of having to guest post all the time? Are you sick of constant rejections by philistines and people with their heads up their own rump? Wish you had a way to diversify your link building? Consider a few things on this article. Here is a list is of some of the many ways you […]

Google Penguin – What Has it Changed So Far?

Google Penguin

Google Penguin is a new set of instructions provided by Google which is meant to decrease the ranking given by search engine to internet sites that breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by making use of unethical search engine optimization (SEO) practices which has been declared black-hat SEO methods. While Google’s other algorithms deliberately aim to exhibit […]

WP External Links Plugin – Easily Make All the External Links “Nofollow” on Your WordPress Site [How To]


If you often include links to external websites in most of the posts on your WordPress based site, then you have the feeling that how frustrating is it to make the external links “nofollow” by editing the HTML content. Yes, although you can make the outgoing links nofollow on your WordPress blog by using rel=”external […]

The Top 5 Social Media Platforms For SEO Purposes

With Bing and Facebook both blurring the lines between social media and search from opposite ends, now is as good a time as any to discuss the social media platforms that are most useful for improving your search rankings, and why. Image by Khalid Albaih There’s nothing wrong with using these social media platforms to […]

How To Use Question Sites To Boost Your Brand

Internet users will always have questions and they use the search engines to look for answers. According to a Nielsen report, there are 500 million searches performed online very single day. The report also revealed that 85-95% of all internet traffic stem from the search engines. If your brand needs a boost there is no […]

How To Structure Your Sites Navigation For Effective SEO


Anyone who has done a fair amount of search engine optimization there is a long list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to proper site navigation and search engine optimization. Everyone is familiar with how important good content and powerful back links can be for your search engine optimization, but most do not know […]

Blogging For Writers: Are You Giving it Away?


Blogging has changed the world for writers. The WordPress platform was at the forefront of that change and, in most respects, it remains at the forefront. The technical aspects of WordPress make it useful to writers, even if it feels like you’re giving away your content for nothing. By utilizing a wordpress themes skillfully, you can […]

7 Keys To A Good SEO On Twitter


Twitter that revolutionized the concept of positioning associated with the URL is an undeniable quality, considered the best short at their posts by the robots of search engines, twitter makes the search for excellence includes a specific area of SEO for twitter, thinking all brands have achieved positioning efficient and achieved through the URLs where the links […]

Market Your Local Business Online And Thrive!


Many local businesses make the mistake of ignoring the internet and its potential, reasoning that local marketing works best for local businesses. While that may have been true in the past, our world has changed tremendously. Why is internet marketing important for an offline, local business? One of the best reasons would be that over 80% […]