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Are You Ready to Go Viral? What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You


When it comes to marketing, it’s every business’s dream to go viral. After all, having millions of people see your message, whether in the form of a blog post, video or infographic, can only help boost sales and build a customer following, right? In many cases, yes. Viral content can give a small business a […]

5 Smart Ways To Grow Your Blog’s Traffic By 201%


So you want to grow a profitable blog? Is it possible to double the amount of traffic your blog generates on a daily basis? Almost every blogger I know is looking for web traffic loophole to increase readership. Trust me, I’m one of such persons but I’ve cracked the code. The truth is, web traffic […]

Our Product is Ready for Roll Out: What Now?

So, your company has had meeting after meeting, brainstorming sessions that lasted hours at a time, research and development discussions with the entire team and you’re finally ready to roll out your newest product – now what? While you and your coworkers know how amazing your new product is, what can you do to let […]

How To Use Question Sites To Boost Your Brand

Internet users will always have questions and they use the search engines to look for answers. According to a Nielsen report, there are 500 million searches performed online very single day. The report also revealed that 85-95% of all internet traffic stem from the search engines. If your brand needs a boost there is no […]

How To Formulate The Perfect Social Media Strategy For Your Business

Social media is a great platform for online businesses to increase their brand awareness and foster new relationships with prospects. However it can also work the other way round if you don’t use it efficiently. Many online business owners are unsure of how they could make the most of social media. Some business owners simply […]

Social Media: 7 Reasons Why Popularity Pays

A business needs to be flexible and willing to change as technology evolves. A static business will fall behind the competition and be left wondering where it went wrong. One area that many, but not all, businesses have caught on to is the importance of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Keep these […]

Market Your Local Business Online And Thrive!


Many local businesses make the mistake of ignoring the internet and its potential, reasoning that local marketing works best for local businesses. While that may have been true in the past, our world has changed tremendously. Why is internet marketing important for an offline, local business? One of the best reasons would be that over 80% […]

Facebook Vs Pinterest: How To Choose The Right Platform For Your Brand


Social media is the new rage taking the world by storm. The year 2011 observed a steep rise in the popularity of social media. All the excitement surrounding the social media appeal reached new heights when this seemingly auxiliary activity started manifesting its potential as the center of the web world. In the years that […]

10 Best Tips For Writing Great Blog Titles For Your Blog


Title of your post can make or break your post. This is because; blog title is the one that first pop on search engines and other social networking sites. So, well written post with bad title will let your blog go. Blog titles alone catch the attention of the reader first. It is one that […]

Why Your Business Needs A Strong Branding Online


Every Business needs a strong advertising campaign and an increasing consumer base, to increase profits and grow the business. Without profits, the business will not succeed ofcourse. With the ever increasing users of the internet, you should be harvesting potential clients so your business can grow. Since the interest is the perfect place to find […]