Facebook Chat Messenger

Imagine life without the internet or the telephone. Imagine walking to the next town to deliver a message. Compared to days past, today’s far reaching and nearly instantaneous social networking technology is magic. With the new third party Facebook Chat Messenger integration, the new Facebook photo uploader and the new Facebook privacy settings, the magic keeps getting better.


Wikileaks controversy could be devolving into a Wiki-War

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange looms like the mysterious British freedom fighter V atop the Drudge Report, threatening a “devastating” confidential document dump if his organization suffers any more hack attacks. Paypal says Wikileaks and its donors are pals no more. Amazon.com (Nasdaq: AMZN) boots Wikileaks off its virtual cloud, citing vague and unconfirmed suspicions. The leaked documents might prompt errant governments to persecute human rights defenders, Amazon says in ...

Quantum Computing

IBM Launches 5 Year Effort to develop quantum computing

Ramped-up research efforts at IBM and other labs in the U.S. and Europe could lead to more powerful and more prevalent quantum computers in the near future. IBM is breathing new life into a quantum computing research division at its Thomas J. Watson Research Center, reports New York Times. The computer giant has hired alumni from promising quantum computing programs at Yale and the University of California-Santa Barbara, both ...

facebook fans page

Monetize a Facebook Fan Page

According to recent research an average person spends 2-4 hours per day on social media websites. It is the same amount of time that people used to spend watching TV. Now almost everyone and his dog switched to social media websites, primarily to Facebook. Having more than 300 million users it is considered to be the world's largest social network.

Nexus S

Nexus S – a pure Google experience device

Nexus S is the first phone to run Gingerbread, the fastest version of Android yet. Gingerbread builds on some of the most popular Android features like multi-tasking and Wi-Fi hotspot and adds a refreshed user interface, an improved keyboard, near field communication (NFC) support, and more.

Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect is amazing

The first time you try the “crank that” Soulja Boy dance on Dance Central, or slam a ping-pong ball in Kinect Sports using only your awkward, flailing arms–those are moments of sheer futuristic glee. The Kinect, as we noted in our review, is definitely lacking in must-have games, but the potential of Kinect is way bigger than merely video games. Luckily, hackers have almost ...

Wikipedia needs money

The nonprofit group that runs Wikipedia launched its annual appeal to donors on Wednesday, seeking $6 million to cover the costs of the volunteer-created Internet encyclopedia. That figure would be a threefold increase from what the campaign raised last year. This fundraising campaign is set to last until January 15, Wikipedia’s eighth anniversary. This is the first year the San Francisco-based Wikimedia Foundation has ...

Microsoft Surface touch screen

Microsoft Surface Touch Screen

The slick touchscreens of our iPhones and Droids are visually magnificent and the epitome of tech chic, but their slick, untextured glass screens don’t resonate with humans’ tactile nature (that’s why some people just can’t kick the hardware button keyboard). Good tactile touchscreens – screens that impart a feeling of touch or texture in sync with a displayed image – have thus far eluded device makers. A new Microsoft project could change all that.


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