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Blogging Tips & Advice for the Beginners

Blogging Tips

Blog traffic is an essential aspect of blogging. It is a sign of how well the blog is performing. Monitoring blog traffic lets us know what aspects of the blogging process we need to invest time in. Let’s take a look at blogging tips for the uninitiated.   WordPress is the Most Powerful Blogging Platform […]

FTC Hits Google With Fine Over Safari Tracking


Google is caught in a new legal problem as the giant organization has to now disburse a record $22.5m fine to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States of America subsequent to its secretly supervising consumers of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Mac computers by evading confidentiality security on the Safari web browser for […]

Google Algorithm Changes From 1998-2012 [Infographic]

google-algorithm-changesThis info-graphics shows when and what are the changes brought to Google search algorithm. I thought, reading this would help you know what you should do to get your site in Google SERP and also recover from Panda or Penguin Hit. Hope it will be useful. Click the image to enlarge Click the image to […]

Google Penguin – Fix It And Forget It!


Google, Google, Google…the search engine giant is a source of frustration for many website and blog owners worldwide. Having survived the last few updates unscathed, some SEO specialists and webmasters believed they were on target and doing all the right stuff. Think again! This last update dinged lots of unsuspecting owners, those who do seem […]

How To Implement Google Authorship With Your Blog


Google Authorship is a new feature introduced by Google. This helps you to claim your content and also display your authorship information in search results of Google Search. Want to see how it works? See this picture. Now, if you want to display your authorship information in Google search result like seen in the above […]

15 Cool Google I’m Feeling Lucky And Other Hidden Tricks – Google Gravity, Sphere, Pacman, Heart, Rainbow and More!

1. Google Gravity A fun-filled page created by a designer “Ricardo Cabello”. What this page does it is, it just pulls down the objects(buttons, textbox and links) and make it fall down just like it falls down due to the force of gravity, and you can have fun throwing the object all around the screen. […]

6 Must-Follow Tips To Optimize Your Blog With Social Media

Social Media, though may not sounds new to you, is a phrase which defines the way people communicate in the search engine marketing world. It allows individuals, organizations and communities to share or exchange ideas in response to the content of a website or media and bring the conventional communication to a new level. Why […]

Gmail – A New Look [Review]

In any Social Media or Email or Whatever the update is very important or else someone will beat you in the market. Gmail now realized that and they updated in High Definition (HD) themes, Conversations and Navigation. The easiest way to switch the new look is “switch to the new look” which is available in […]

Google PR Update – Geeks4share Is Now PR4 Blog

Hey everyone ! I have a great news for you. Google has updated the page rank again. Don’t forget to check your site’s pagerank. Geeks4share is now is PR 4 blog, and a do-follow comment luv blog. Which will be a real happy news. It’s a second Google page rank update after the entry of […]

Google Sphere

Google Sphere is another interesting Google trick as that of Google Gravity. Its a funny thing that makes all Google elements to revolve around your Browser Window. Its a simple trick. Enjoy this simple trick and share your views with us 🙂 To enjoy this trick : 1. Go To 2. Type in “Google […]