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18 WordPress Plugins That Powers Geeks4share

Having recently changed the site’s layout, I have started to receive many e-mail from readers asking what is the theme used in our blog and what is/that plugin. So, here is the answer for all those e-mails. In this post, I have listed the plugins that powers and the theme used. 1.  Ad Injection […]

6 In-Built Features A WordPress Theme Must Have

Choosing a right theme for your blog is also a very important thing for your blog’s success. Not all themes are the same, do you know some themes comes with malware? That’s why I am here to you must be very careful while choosing a theme for your blog. First thing is, you must avoid […]

Don’t Change Your Sites Theme Often

People like to give a fresh look to their site often. Especially when they are running a blog or a forum it’s very easy for them to install new a theme, so they keep doing it. When they have a theme installed, they get impressed on seeing another so they will get that theme for […]

Changing Cpanel Theme – Tutorial 7

This is a video tutorial in which you can learn how to change themes for cpanel and how to get back to default theme. houston’s brian cushing keeps ap nfl rookie awardEach array consisted of 1323 genes. RNA from a single sample was sufficient to hybridize to one microarray. Each array represented tissue from an […]